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What Would I Do If I Had $1,000,000?

What would I do with $1 million? My guess is that every single person has asked themselves the same question at least a few hundred times. After all, dreaming is free and big dreams are fun, but do you know what’s also free? The 14 different sweeps that could make you a PCH millionaire – free to enter and free to win! And that’s just on your desktop computer! You can enter all over again on your mobile device(s) and the PCH apps. You can even enter from this blog à LOOK! Here’s a link to enter for your shot at winning $7,000 A Week for Life.

Returning to the question at hand, my immediate response is one word – Ferrari! My passion for the prancing horse runs deep; unfortunately, my bank account does not. Besides, the ride I really want (1985 288 GTO) still would be cost-prohibitive given that the most recent example to cross the auction block sold at just shy of $4 million! And is it just me or does anyone else have their grandmother’s voice somewhere in their ear admonishing them “not to spend it all in one place”?

Admittedly, my perspective on how to spend (or save, or donate) the money is somewhat skewed so I decided to hit up PCHsearch&win with the query, “what would you do with $1 million?” And as luck would have it, atop the search results was a recent Business Insider article that asked the same question of 14 people on the streets of New York City. Believe it or not, the most common response was helping out family members, followed by investing in real estate or the stock market. And that’s beside the fact that a million bucks doesn’t go as far in Manhattan, New York, as it does in Manhattan, Kansas, or even Manhattan, Montana!

Depending on how you look at it, $1,000,000 can either be a whole lot of money or not that much money. Look at it this way – if you laid dollar bills end-to-end, you’d have a stretch of nearly 97 miles before you reached $1 million. Alternately, $1,000,000 in hundred-dollar bills would fit nicely into a briefcase, just like you see in the movies. Regardless of how you look at it, $1,000,000 definitely could provide you with quite a few necessities – rent, groceries, car repairs, etc. – along with some well-deserved toys, like a nice, long vacation!

At the end of the day, it seems to me that most people would agree with the statement that wondering what to do with $1 million is a pretty good problem to have!

So now it’s your turn, PCH fans. And the question is, “what would you do with $1,000,000?” From the ridiculous to the sublime, all comments are welcome, so let me hear it!

Russell S.
PCH Creative


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  1. First id try w all my heart to heal my dog take him to vet. He has cancer .Then i would hve my family and friends go to hospital if something is wrong we can look towards finding a way to fix it if they cant. Because i love them, Then id donateto cancer cure find. Definetly invest!! I would pack up go on the road write a book. About travel and places being looked at then places to find the cure for cancer in each nook an cranny . everywhere around the world people hve found cures even if it is just a nowhere town . Live life hve the funds to helpthe 1s who need and deserve it! Invest n my family. Servival buy an island after ive been around the world and know where I would want to live. Start an animal rescue .Friends an familywould b invited to live on island w me. Beautiful. Beeaauuttiifffulll.!!!
    Thanks my. Pch .friendly patrol team. I cant wait im going to cry. I wanna open my doors to a new light/life/ love. Tell every1 i kept telling u PCH IS REAL ull see keep playing ull win put ur heart to it!