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Follow-Up With $2.5 Million Mega Prize PCH Winner Carol Guiles!

When someone becomes a PCH winner, one of the interview questions I always ask is “before the Prize Patrol showed up, did anything feel different about that day?” Oftentimes the answer to this question is “no, not really!” but every once in a while, someone surprises me, like recent winner Carol Guiles!

“The day before, my hand was itching! That’s an old saying – that something good is going to happen. I just didn’t think it was going to be something so extravagant, and certainly not PCH!”

Carol’s premonition proved out to be true, because the next day the Prize Patrol showed up with all of the usual – roses, a bottle of champagne, and the Big Check telling her she was a winner of $2,500,000.00!

“Well, we weren’t home, we were downtown picking up medication. On our way back down over the hill, my husband saw a van turn around, and he says ‘that’s PCH!’ and I told him, ‘they’re here for me!’”

As an avid PCH fan, Carol was aware that the Prize Patrol delivers prizes of all different types, so she was telling her husband that it could be ANYTHING!

“I said to him, ‘Oh boy they are here for me!’ And then I said to my husband, I told him, ‘It could be $5 or $10,000. But we’d have been happy with whatever, because we were having it rough lately.”

So when Howie and Danielle showed up, here’s what happened!]

Carol was a true PCH fan, and that certainly comes through!

“I said to [Howie and Danielle] ‘Yes, I know who you are! I see you on Facebook! I play your games every day. I do it all – I search, I play the lotto games, I do whatever pops up!”

Like many of our big PCH winners, Carol uses entering Publishers Clearing House as a way to unwind during her daily routine.

“Yup, I go with the flow. Because when my grandchildren go to bed, that’s my relaxing time. I start entering in the day and finish up at night.”

Carol has been persistent, and her unwavering belief has really paid off! But it hasn’t been without its share of doubters:

“I’ve had people say it’s not real, but I say ‘it’s real. It’s very real!’ My brother even started playing. So since he didn’t believe, I said to him ‘well, is it fake now?’ The 4th was his birthday, so I gave him one of the roses from the bouquet they left me, and he dried it out and put it by his computer for good luck!”

Carol has spent a little bit of her money, but still plans to make it last as long as she can!

“We did buy a van. Not a new one. I’m a country girl, I don’t like spending a lot of money on stuff. Paid off some bills. We’re going to pay off our house, we want to get a different truck. Not a brand new one. I don’t like to splurge, I want it to last.”

She also added, “We’re living our life, just a little bit easier. We can meet our bills. We don’t have to worry about making the mortgage payment; all the bills are paid on time. We do plan on doing some remodeling, some work definitely needs to be done.”

“You don’t want to change the way you are. I’m the same person, just with a little more money,” she continues. “I’m not going to go overboard, because I don’t want to change who I am. I’m using my head to make it last longer, for my children and grandchildren.”

Carol had won from PCH before this – $10 from an online game. She had this to say to all of the other SuperPrize hopefuls out there:

“Keep playing, because it could happen to you.  You don’t know when it’s going to happen, but it could!”

We hope you take Carol’s words to heart and make sure you enter today at It only takes a moment, and like she said … it COULD happen to you!

Matt K.

PCH Correspondent

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