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#WinnerWednesday: Calling All PCH Prize Winners!

ATTENTION, fans and friends!

Have YOU won a PCH prize? I’m not necessarily referring to our life-changing SuperPrize – although I know that some of our BIG winners read the PCH Blog. I’m talking about smaller PCH prize winners – $10, $25, $100, gift cards, etc.!

I’ve reached out to many of our small prize winners, asking them for permission to feature their “winning moments” on our #WinnerWednesday blogs, and once again, I’ve heard from fans and friends like you who are eager to tell the world that they’ve won a Publishers Clearing House prize.

Roseaman D. (above), who has been entering the PCH Sweeps for nearly a year, says she’s hoping to win BIG! “I won $10 when I first started, playing slots, lotto, scratch-offs, and entering any sweepstakes that catch my eye,” she tells me. Stay in it to win it, Roseaman!

Janet T. comments that she has entered for over two decades and won $20 last year.  “Everyone makes fun of me for spending so much time on PCH,” Janet says. Her advice to herself and to all of you is “Hope for the best!”

Barbara H. has been entering to win PCH since 2000 and when she won her $10 check she was “happy and grateful.”

“It was many years ago,” Barbara explains, “however, the thrill of winning has kept me participating for years. Publishing Clearing House has made so many people’s dreams come true. The surprise is always priceless.” Her words of wisdom: All you have to do is to keep trying and believe it will happen. Put in a little extra time you have and go for it.” 

Santiago A. is another PCH winner of $10 and he writes that he was proud to receive his check. He enjoys playing PCH’s fun and free games and looks forward to winning BIG.

Finally, you won’t find many winners who have the drive and motivation of Peggy H. – who has been entering the PCH Sweepstakes for 46 years! (Look at her winning check stubs above … accentuated with her miniature Prize Patrol van!) Although Peggy knows that you don’t have to order in order to enter our Sweeps, she’s had her share of ordering, too. Her story was so inspiring, I had to share it ALL with you – and this is the edited version!

“I am 64 and my first contact with PCH was in July 1972,” Peggy writes. “I was so thrilled that I had a job and with my first paycheck I could order a magazine (long time, poor memory, but it was probably Reader’s Digest).”

“Sometimes I ordered and entered a lot, sometimes not so often,” she continues. “Went through a couple name changes and several moves, but PCH always was with me. Sometime around 2005-2009 I won $1,000. That was a blessing because I was going to college and raising a grand-daughter.”

“I loved when we could enter on the computer and now on the phone app. I have played games, played lotto, used the app (I love getting the doubler for daily prize points.), done scratchers, played slots, search and win, and PCHFrontpage. There may be something I missed. Then there are the tokens! I have entered a lot of drawings with tokens. Hoping to win one of the cars and try for lots of gift cards. Oh, I still do snail mail too!”

“Then this holiday season my sister shared the holiday scratchers with me and I shared with others. The first ticket I scratched was a $100 winner! I later scratched a $50 winner, then a $10 winner. Woohoo! For the first time in years I was able to do a bit of Christmas for my kids.”

“But it wasn’t over. I got money from my daughters and friends playing! Wow! This Christmas time was a $240 windfall! I found out one of my grand-daughters even scratched a $500 winner her younger sister sent her! It was a lot of fun finding out how many of my friends and family won at this game. Might not seem like much compared to the ‘Big Wins’ but every bit was a blessing.”

“Forty-six years of playing now and I am not gonna quit. I still expect one day to open my door and see Danielle there with that big check. It can happen to anyone!”

WOW!!! What fabulous stories – thank you for sharing! Do YOU have a story to share with us about winning a PCH prize? Let us know in the comments section below.

And if you’re not yet a PCH prize winner, please don’t give up! Enter every day in every way possible, and maybe someday you, too, will be featured in a #WinnerWednesday blog!

Good Luck,

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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