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Did you receive this special ALERT notice in the mail from PCH? OPEN IT NOW!

My friends, this notice, containing the Web address, comes with some very good news … that an entry for a huge PCH SuperPrize from Giveaway #13000 in your name has been authorized for processing on the Winner Selection List, the official Publishers Clearing House record of entries that are eligible to win.

But you’ve got to use your Activation Code in the notice you’ve just received to obtain a valid entry for a tremendous PCH SuperPrize– and you will ALSO be in the running for one of 50 Cash Prizes.

The following pictureswill show you how to use your ALERT Notice to go for a life-changing PCH prize: 

Which will take you to THIS exciting page:

From there, you’ll be on your way to our Official Entry/Order Form, where you’ll activate a valid entry for processing on our Winner Selection List. 

I hope you’ll visit to enter your Activation Code and take advantage of this special opportunity to enter to WIN.  And be sure to ACT FAST to go for one of our Fifty Cash Prizes. Good luck!

Didn’t get this special Notice in the mail but still want to win? You CAN, with all the fun, easy ways we’ve got to enter and win at PCH, from our FREE-TO-PLAY-and-win games at PCHlotto,PCHslots,  or  PCHblackjack… to Web lookups at PCHSearch&Win… to visiting PCHfrontpageand the PCH Fan Page on Facebook.

Your PCH friend, 


P.S.  Your activation code is to be entered at our page only, as I’ve described above. (Please don’t paste it into the Comments below).

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