Take It From Some PCH Winners: Keep The Faith!

Hey guys! Matt the Statman here! As you may know, I interview lots of winners. They all have such interesting stories, and I can’t wait to learn more about today’s winner, Crystal Crawford! More on that in the coming weeks!

But in the meantime, our PCH winners have a lot of encouraging things to say to you. That’s right, in my time at PCH interviewing our winners, they all have one thing in common: they have encouraging things to share with you!

Take Natalie Glover, for example. She just won $10,000.00, but keeps entering PCH! She has the faith to keep on going for more and more! Natalie has the Big Check at her desk at work as motivation to “stay in it to win it.” Everyone is still so excited for her, and many of her coworkers started entering as well. She gave all of them this advice, but it can apply to those of you reading this blog too!

“Keep playing! It only takes a few minutes of your time. Might as well take a chance on yourself. It is real!”

One place you can spend a few minutes entering is at PCHgames! It’s a great place to go for chances to win instant prizes, and you can earn tokens just for playing that you can then redeem at the PCH Token Exchange for even more chances to win!

I asked $25,000.00 PCH winner Priscilla Harrington what she’d say to people looking for a little faith, and this is what came to her mind:

“You won’t believe the amount of people who come up to me and want to know more about it all. I keep telling them, ‘you’ve got to keep it up!’ They tell me that they used to play for a year or two and then stop. But now that they know someone who lives near them, someone they know, they know it’s real.”

When I recently spoke with PCH winner Alana Hodge, I asked her what she’d share with a reader like you. This is what she had to say:

“Keep playing! You never know, they might be knocking at your door next. Just be prepared!”

As for what advice he (or his wife) could give to hopeful winners out there, PCH winner Scott Owen has this to say:

“Like I told everyone, all my nieces and nephews too, if you’re going to play games on your phone, you’d be really stupid not to play these games! Not only are they free, but you can win money!”

Hopefully these encouraging words from some of our PCH winners will help motivate you to keep going! These winners all know that PCH is real and that winning is truly a possibility! And if it happened to them, why couldn’t it happen to you?

So make it a point to enter today, and keep on entering! Every single entry at PCH has just as much of a chance of winning as the next one, so get as many in as you can! Keep the faith! Because remember, all of the winners above were just like you once! So stay in it to win it!

Matt “The Stats Man” Kelly

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  1. Been coming here for years..really need to win big prize if money as my retirement is not good- had head on car crash, hurt back

  2. Positive life Happy Life and gonna keep the faith and I will stay in it to win it and im not a quitter im focused on my family future and the Down Syndrome Association for educating those who are expecting a beautiful angle from GOD , we are so proud to be her family and i wouldn’t have her any other way..

  3. Matt “The Stats Man” Kelly,
    I’m in it to win it and keeping the F-A-I-T-H! 💯#MegaCheck💵💰💵💰💵💰💵💰💵