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What Do You Do To Keep The Faith And Stay Positive?

Earlier today we announced our newest $1 Million winner and, boy, did it ever create lots of buzz and excitement on the blog and on our facebook page. Let’s give a big round of applause to Fran Chargar of Suffern, NY whose persistence really paid off!

I know some of you must be thinking, “Why didn’t I win”?  We all know that feeling of disappointment when we haven’t achieved something we’ve had our heart set on. We’ve all been there.  But what’s the best thing you can do? It’s to move on and keep the faith. Today, especially, I want to remind you that plenty of our lucky winners in the past have told us that they, too, thought they’d never win.  Until the day the Prize Patrol showed up at their door with the Big Check, balloons, roses and champagne!

Hold Onto Your Dream!
I know that lots of you have a strong sense of hope. I can tell just by reading the encouraging comments I see that you post. It’s inspiring to see how some of you hold onto your dream and keep the faith, no matter what. We’ve seen how positive you all can be and we truly admire your dedication!

The Future Looks Bright With Lots More PCH Prizes!

Moving on, it’s time to see what’s in store … on the horizon … around the bend … and down the road.  Of course it’s another BIG PRIZE EVENT to look forward to!

We’re calling it the “Turn Back Time” prize and it will be awarded December 22nd , just in time for the holidays!  I don’t want to give away all of the exciting details just yet because my fellow blog writer, Dillon, will be posting more info for you in her blog on Monday morning, so be sure to check it out.

And that’s just the newest SuperPrize. You all know that we have loads of other contests and sweepstakes you can go for, and that we give away prizes all day long, every day, on all of our properties. Why not start today at  to check out some of those those winning opportunities! I’m sure it will bring a whole new sense of hope out there for all of you who are in it to win it for the long haul.

So, tell us, what do you do to “keep your eyes on the prize”, to stay in the game and keep the faith? Do you say a little prayer … think positive thoughts … draw strength from others who have overcome the odds? Please share your secret with us. We’d love to hear from you! And so would your fellow blog readers!

Jane M.
PCH Creative

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