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Who Will Join the Winners Circle Today? Follow The Clues!

Today, October 13, 2017, is one very special day! Do you know why? Today, one very fortunate individual will join the PCH Winners Circle as the recipient of a life-changing $1 Million SuperPrize!!!! WOW! ONE MILLION DOLLARS! I guess that Friday the 13th isn’t so unlucky after all!

We are SO excited because the Prize Patrol is on the road as we speak, traveling to the winner’s home! The winner has NO idea that they will be winning a $1 Million SuperPrize – and the best part is, that person could be YOU!

To keep you all on your toes and involved in today’s adventure, we are going to be giving you clues from the road that will help you figure out just where the Prize Patrol is headed! They have the BIG CHECK, the roses, the champagne and the balloons – the only thing missing is the WINNER! Stay tuned for clues throughout the day to see who ends up in the Winners Circle – and remember, we wish ALL our fans the very best of luck!

12:00 AM – The winner’s state is not the same state as the last SuperPrize winner
9:00 AM –At least one US President was born in this state
10:00 AM – The winner’s state begins with a consonant
11:00 AM – This state has 1 or more major league baseball teams
11:30 AM – The winner’s state is made up of two words
12:00 PM – The governor of this state’s father was also the governor of this state
12:30 PM– In the photo above, Danielle is holding the state flower

So … who’s the latest person to join the PCH Winners Circle?

CONGRATULATIONS to Fran Chargar of Suffern, NY! The Prize Patrol had an awesome time traveling to our winner! She wasn’t home at the time of the Prize Patrol’s arrival, but they tracked her down and boy was she SHOCKED! Speechless even! Fran plans to pay off bills and move somewhere new with her winnings! We’re so happy to make yet another very lucky individual’s dreams come true! Welcome to the PCH Winners Circle, Fran!

Wait, what’s that I hear? You’re sad because you’re not today’s winner? Well, wipe that frown off your face – because there’s a winner every five minutes at PCH and there are always opportunities for you to enter. DREAM BIG … keep the faith … and enter today and every day in every way you can! 

Best of luck to you all!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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