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Want to Join the List of Monthly Token Exchange Winners?

It can happen – and that’s just the experience being shared right now by PCH’s February Token Exchange winners. The February Token Exchange winners know that the tokens they earn every day from welcome bonuses, entering contests, playing games, and more may not have any cash value, but still are quite valuable. Why? Tokens can be redeemed for entries at the PCHrewards Token Exchange )and entries could lead to wins. 

Put your tokens to work at the PCHrewards Token Exchange.

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Make the Most of the Token Exchange 

Between welcome bonuses, entering contests, and playing games, most regular PCH fans are earning well in excess of 100,000 tokens per day. And for VIP/VIP Elite players, it’s not that hard to score more than 1,000,000 tokens every day!

Let’s go with the lower figure of 100,000 tokens. Here’s what that could look like in terms of entries gained through the Token Exchange.

There you have it – 109 combined entries to six different prizes worth nearly $4,000! Now imagine if you had a couple hundred-million tokens to redeem!!! You could claim – literally– thousands of entries to any giveaway you choose! So if you’re not redeeming tokens, then you’re missing out on great ways to win.

And remember, redeeming your tokens for entries at the PCHrewards Token Exchange never will decrease your all-time token total or your PCHrewards status level. So there’s nothing to lose – just play daily to replenish the tokens you redeem – and (potentially) so much to gain, like your name in an upcoming Token Exchange Winners blog!

Check it out today!

Russell S.
PCH Creative

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