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Enter Today – Less Than A Month to Prize Day!

We’re getting close to Prize Day, and I have one question for you: are you doing EVERYTHING you can? Are you giving it your all? Did you enter today?

A few months ago, I realized my kitchen was looking pretty drab. My floors were worn. My countertops had begun to crack. My cabinets weren’t staying closed. So, I decided to do everything I could! I searched around and got unbelievable deals on new floors and counters. I even learned how to put them in myself! I put new closures in my cabinets, and I even laid in the tiles for a nice, trendy backsplash!

I now have a brand-new kitchen because I did everything I could. I knew I wanted a change, and I made the most of every opportunity. That’s why YOU should enter today. I want you to get ready for Prize Day, so here are some other ideas:

1) Click that banner up top! It’ll give you an entry right now!
2) Make sure you do ALL of your searches at PCHsearch&win for your daily entries into the next big prize event, not to mention PLENTY of other chances to win!
3) PCHfrontpage is a great place to enter today for our SuperPrize, and our upcoming Prize Day is no exception!
4) Visit the PCH Fan Page on Facebook for another easy (and fun!) way to enter.

Those are just a FEW of the ways you can do more to get in on the Prize Day fun. My fellow writer Russell had even a few more ideas that you can read about here.

At PCH, we love it when our friends take advantage of all the ways to enter. And why wouldn’t you? We make it so easy … so much easier than doing self-renovation to your kitchen!

Don’t delay. I remember the incredible feeling I had when I was finally done putting the finishing touches on my kitchen. I could hardly believe it! Now, times that by a MILLION, and you MIGHT just get to the feeling our next Prize Event winner will have on our next Prize Day.

I’ve spoken with plenty of our BIG prize winners, and one thing I keep hearing again and again from them is “You have to be in it to win it. Don’t give up, keep going!” Is that going to be you? Are you going to do everything you can? I sure hope so!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

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