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Reminder: Claim Your PowerPrize Numbers ASAP!

Hey there, friends and fans! Did you know that there’s a PowerPrize Drawing at PCHlotto TOMORROW NIGHT? And if you win, you’d receive $3,883,495.15!

Can you imagine how your life could change with that kind of money? Debts repaid, lifestyle upgraded, future set, all because you went to PCHlotto and claimed your PowerPrize numbers. What’s especially great is that it takes only seconds to claim your entry to win: you can use the “Quick Pick” button and have numbers almost instantaneously! 

You may be asking, “If the PowerPrize Drawing is held weekly, why should I rush to claim my numbers now?” That’s because even though the drawing itself is weekly, you can claim numbers every single day, and, by doing so, you can have multiple sets of numbers in to make you a winner in the weekly drawing! And our best Lotto players are often awarded bonus plays, enabling them to have even more shots to win, so your continuous activity will secure your spot on that list!

There’s Even More to Win at Lotto! 

After you complete your PowerPrize card, you’ll want to check out the other incredible prizes you can get in to win! This week at PCHlotto (4/4 – 4/10), we were authorized to award over $15.4 Million in Prizes! 

With fortunes like the $2.5 Million MegaPrize — drawing every Sunday and numbers you can claim all week, just like PowerPrize — and the nightly drawing for a $1,000,000.00 Life Is Rich Prizewinner, there are other millionaire-making fortunes you can get in to win! 

And even that’s not all! There are other lotto cards, including the $10,000.00 State of Play Card and the MegaMoney Multiplier, where you could win up to $250,000.00, as well as numerous instant win scratch cards! 

The important thing is you must complete your cards if you want to go for any of these prizes! If you don’t do that, you’ll automatically forfeit all of these great prize opportunities – why would you do that to yourself? Especially with our next PowerPrize drawing in less than 48 hours, we urge you to heed this warning! Claim your numbers at PCHlotto before it’s too late!


Will F.
PCH Creative 

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  1. I proclaim sole ownership and secure ownership and lock it in of life is rich 18523 18524 and power prize number 14299 14300 and the MegaPrize prize number 14298 20277. and 17010and 19011 19998 I proclaim sole ownership and secure ownership and lock all of them in power prize number 8.

  2. I would like to claim my State of the Play numbers for a chance to win the 10,000.00 lottery.
    I also want to claim gwy.#21000 and gwy#19000 gwy #20028
    Thank you kindly,

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