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WHAT’S YOUR FIRST GETAWAY … if you WIN $7,000 A Week For Life?

Here’s why I’m asking, dear friends …

We’ve got a big $7,000 A Week For Life special early look prize event coming up on April 26th— and if you win, you’d have all the money you’d need to take the getaway of your dreams! To keep you focused on entering to WIN, we want you to pick one of the four Dream Getaway choices above and write it in the Comments section at the bottom of this blog. Okay, let’s go …

Would Number 1— a spectacular World Tour— be the first Getaway you’d choose?

Rome’s ancient Coliseum … Paris’ Eiffel Tower … London’s Westminster Abbey … the Great Wall of China:  these are the places you’ve seen in movies and on TV for years!  But, wouldn’t it be thrilling to see them for yourself? With a $7,000 Week For Life fortune, a winner could travel First Class all the way, dining at 5-Star restaurants and staying at world-class luxury hotels. If this is the dream getaway trip YOU’D choose,Write 1 in the Comments section below.

Or would Number 2—a luxurious Cruise— be your first Getaway?

Imagine relaxing on the balcony of a luxurious, ocean-view stateroom, sipping champagne and watching a glorious sunset over the vast ocean waters.  As our April 26thwinner, you’d enjoy exciting shore excursions, dine at the ship’s fanciest restaurants and have your own private butler who’d make your every wish his command. Sound good? Write 2 in the Comments section below.

Or how about Number 3: a pampering Island Escape?  Is that what you’d choose?

Think of digging your toes into silky white sand … feeling ocean breezes caress your face while the golden island sun warms your very soul! You’d laze in a comfy hammock, sipping a frosty, umbrella-topped drink while gazing at the endless, sparkling blue-green sea. Would THIS be your ultimate $7,000 A Week For Life dream getaway? Write 3 in the Comments section below.

Would Number 4— an exciting, all-expense-paid New York City adventure — be “Your Kind of Town” Getaway?

 How about a Getaway to the most exciting city in the world, with a $7,000 A Week For Life fortune to spend? Sit front row center at Broadway’s hottest shows; score tables at the priciest restaurants shop ‘til you drop at status boutiques — and then, escape to the pampering comfort of your ultra- luxurious hotel suite. Ready to pack? Write 4 in the Comments section below.

OR, it could be that you have your own very special idea of the first dream getaway you’d take if you win big in a few weeks. TELL US ABOUT IT!(And it could alsobe that the matching winning number for our $7,000 A Week prize event isn’t returned in time. Then, we guarantee to award a $1,000,000 prize in a second chance drawing.

Promise me: keep sending in entries right up to the moment we no longer accept them for this PCH prize event – because you never know which one could turn out to match the winning number. There are all kinds of fun, easy ways to enter every day, so be sure to take advantage of all of them.

Sending out lucky thoughts to you, my friends …

Marybeth @ Publishers Clearing House

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