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Search Away This May At PCHSearch&Win!

It’s officially May everyone! I don’t know about you, but there’s a lot happening for me this month and it’s going to be very busy. My cousin is graduating, and I have to buy her the perfect gift. My family is planning our summer vacation and they made me captain of the planning committee (talk about work)! Plus, Mother’s Day is around the corner and, as everyone knows, only the best for mom!

How do I do it all, you may ask?

I searched on my favorite site, PCHSearch&Win, for “perfect graduation gifts” and got some really great gift ideas! I decided to go with the book idea I found, since she loves a good read. Then I searched “best books for graduation presents” on PCHSearch&Win and that was it. I chose a book from the list and that gift was done!

Planning the family summer vacation hasn’t been as easy. Luckily, as captain, I get to assign tasks. I am in charge of finding the best and most fun activities to do when we get there. Oh, and we decided that the Caribbean is our vacation spot this year! After I designated tasks, I jumped on PCHSearch&Win. And now I am super excited because there’s sooooo much to do!! I also found some great deals, and we love a good deal!

But before vacation time, there’s a huge day to celebrate – Mother’s Day. Happy Early Mother’s Day to all the moms reading this! And to those of you looking for special ways to celebrate your mom, I’m here to help you step up your game!

All moms are different, and if your mom is like mine, she just loves spending time with her family on Mother’s Day. So, I hopped on PCHSearch&Win to find activity ideas for Mother’s Day.

Here’s some great Mother’s Day activity ideas that I found:

A relaxing massage – not only does she deserve it, but you deserve it too! Treat mom and treat yourself, too. Get a couple’s massage with your mom in your area by finding a spa near you on PCHSearch&Win.

Sip & Paint – It’s the perfect bonding experience, and it’s so much fun. Also, it’s great for all ages! The kids can have some soda and the adults can sip some wine while you all paint the evening away!

Take a Cooking Class – did your mom love spending time in the kitchen with you when you were younger? Bring back those memories by taking a cooking class near you. Find one by searching on PCHSearch&Win.

Eat Something Good – Keep it simple and have a nice family meal at a great restaurant! Share laugher over a delicious plate and hey, don’t forget the dessert! Search for great restaurants in your area!

Breakfast in Bed – My mom would absolutely love this. Don’t know what to cook? Check PCHSearch&Win for amazing recipes! And remember, while you’re at it, maybe you can cook her lunch and dinner, too!

I hope you come up with some amazing plans for Mother’s Day. (I know I just helped you out a lot, so you’re welcome!) If you already have something in mind, let me know in the comments below. Maybe, you’ll give me an idea that my mom will love!

Your girl,
Tamara G
Creative Intern

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