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Clues from the Road for Our Car Giveaway

Well, folks, the Prize Patrol is on the road again today, about to award a FREE, brand-new 2019 Lincoln MKC Reserve worth $45,965. This giveaway is a PCHrewards Token Exchange exclusive – so I hope you all have been redeeming your tokens at the PCHrewards Token Exchange for chances to win this luxurious car


Today, Dave Sayer from the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol will literally drive up to the winner’s door in that 2019 Lincoln MKC – and here on the PCH Blog, we are posting exclusive “clues from the road” throughout the day as to where Dave is headed.

Are you ready to follow the clues? Seat belts fastened? Two hands on the wheel? Here’s the green light … let’s go!!!

Clue #1

There have been no U.S. Presidents born in the winner’s state.

Clue #2

The winner’s state does not have a NFL or MLB team, but it does have an NBA team.

Clue #3

The winner’s state is bordered by 6 states.

CONGRATULATIONS to James Price of Stillwater, Oklahoma, who won a brand-new 2019 Lincoln MKC Reserve worth $45,965! He redeemed 29.85 million tokens for the car! Dave Sayer found him at work, and when he turned over the keys he also turned James’ life upside! Congrats, James!

We’re so thrilled to have another car winner! Don’t forget to redeem YOUR tokens, because it’s the only way you can go for all of the exciting prizes on our Token Rewards site!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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