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25 Reasons to Enter to Win $25,000.00 A Month For Life!

$25,000.00 A Month For Life is up for grabs!

Let me say that again, in case you’re a fast reader, and you went right past it: $25,000.00 A MONTH IS UP FOR GRABS! Listen, this is literally free money, there are multiple ways to enter to win each and every day, and every entry is FREE. Now if I were you, I really wouldn’t need any more convincing, but just for the fun of it, let’s come up with 25 reasons to enter to WIN!

  1. Why Not? Wouldn’t You Want To Win Big?
    This is the opportunity of a lifetime and you can have it for free! All it takes is a couple of minutes of your day and some faith and determination for a chance to win our $25,000.00 a month for life prize. That comes out to a whopping $300,000.00 a year!
  2. You could invest it and watch it grow!
    If you won $25,000.00 a month for life and you played your cards right, that $25,000.00 each month could grow and grow! With the right investments, you could turn $25,000.00 every month into much, much more!
  3. You Could Live Any Lifestyle You’d Want To!
    $25,000.00 a month for life can allow you to live the life you’ve dreamed of and always wanted. Nothing is out of reach!
  4. Support Your Loved One’s Dream!
    Think about the difference you could make in the lives of others if you won. You could help your parents with their retirement dreams … you could afford to comfortably see your children, nephews and nieces through college … and you could invest in the family entrepreneur.
  5. You Could Follow Your Dreams!
    What have you always wanted to do but could not financially afford? Well this could be your chance. Enter to win $25,000.00 a month for life for a chance to fund your biggest dreams.
  6. Be Your Own Boss!
    Never work a day in your life again … or you could become your own boss and make your own hours. With $25,000.00 a month for life, you could call your own shots. Get up when you want to, work if you want to, do what you want to!
  7. Pay Off All Your Debt!
    Whether it’s student loans, car loans, a house mortgage, whatever, if you won this prize, all of it would be over and done with! You’d never have to worry about paying another bill.
  8. Make Every Day Seem Like A Vacation!
    You can take the vacation of a lifetime, travel the world or make your everyday life feel like a vacation.
  9. Live In The House Of Your Dreams!
    You can buy it, build it, or remodel the one you have. It could be a mansion, camper truck or an RV. Whatever you want, you could have.
  10. Oh, And We Can’t Forget A New Ride!
    What’s your dream car? Any answer you come up with is what you could have if you won the $25,000.00 a month for life prize!
  11. Never Worry About The Price Tag When Shopping!
    Does the price tag always prevent you from buying something amazing? Well, that would be no more. You could go on that shopping spree and buy what you want!
  12. Give To Your Favorite Cause, Brighten Up The World!
    We all have causes that touch our hearts and things that we feel passionately about. You can be an advocate for change or make a real difference in someone’s life!
  13. Treat Your Closest Friends & Family!
    Maybe you might take everyone out for a fancy dinner or night on the town. Why not a vacation. You could buy everyone’s plane tickets and show them a great time!
  14. Never Miss Another Great Event!
    What artist or play have you been wanting to see live but have decided not to for financial reasons? If you won, that would be no more! You won’t have to miss out on great experiences, and you’ll live life fully!
  15. Never Travel Economy Again!
    With $25,000.00 a month for life you could book first class!
  16. Hire A Personal Chef? Or Maybe You Hate Cleaning?
    Hire all the help you need! Stop doing what you hate and do, and more of what you love! Hate cooking, get a chef. Hate cleaning, hire a cleaner. Hate driving, hire a driver!
  17. Get A Degree Or Two?
    Has your dream always been to get an education? We all know how expensive that can be, or how life can sometimes put it on the back burner. With $25,000.00 a month for life you could get your pens and paper out and head back to school!
  18. Set Up An Emergency Fund!
    We all know that life can take unexpected turns. The more prepared we are, the better. Wouldn’t you like to ensure that you and your family can face any financial crisis that may come your way?
  19. Return Favors!
    There are people who have helped you and supported your journey. With $25,000.00 a month for life you could give back in many ways to the people that gave to you!
  20. You Have Big Plans & Need Big Money To See Them Through!
    I know many of you out there would love to see all your plans become a reality. Whatever your hopes and dreams for you and your family, this prize would help you reach them faster!
  21. Maybe You Just Want To Meet The Prize Patrol!
    This would be the perfect opportunity! If you enter now, you have a chance to have the Prize Patrol show up at your door!
  22. You Want To Be Featured On TV During A Winning Moment!
    All PCH winners get to be the center of attention and are featured on our TV commercials. You’ll not only be a TV star, but you’ll be a star on your block, on our blog, and on all of our social media pages!
  23. You Can’t Wait To Be An Inspiration To Others!
    All of our PCH winners inspire PCH fans everywhere to keep the faith and stay in it to win it. If you were to win the $25,000.00 a month for week life, you would be giving everyone else hope because they can do it, too!
  24. You Deserve This!
    You have worked hard and done well. So, a big win like this would be a huge reward! You know what you have to do – ENTER, ENTER ENTER!
  25. Financial Freedom!
    Financial freedom can mean different things to all of us. So, tell me in the comments, what does financial freedom mean to you?

With $25,000.00 a month for life you could live life to the fullest now AND prepare for the future! So don’t wait, ENTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN NOW!

Your girl,

Tamara G
Creative Intern

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  1. Yes PCH, I want to Win $25,000.00 In Just Days and meet the Prize Patrol, at the McBride House! Now enter me in to Win $25,000.00 A Month For Life! Yes, I want to Win! Thanks again PCH, God Bless.

  2. Yes PCH, I want to Win $25,000.00 In Just Days and meet the Prize Patrol, at the McBride House. Thanks again; God Bless. Now enter me in to Win $25,000.00 A Month For Life!

  3. 25 Reasons to Enter to win $25,000.00 a month for life! To pay off my bills and help my family buy a new car, go for vacation, a down payment for a new home if won $25,000.00 a month for life! Thank you and Glass Bless PCH!

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  5. WOW! $25,000.00! I’m Just Days, Yes PCH, I want to Win and meet the Prize Patrol! Thanks again and God Bless. Now enter me in to Win $25,000.00 A Month For Life and meet the Prize Patrol! Happy New Year!