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Are You Making The Right Moves To Become A PCH Winner?

What are the characteristics of a PCH winner? Our past winners have told us that they were determined, persistent, believed they could win, and kept at it! What did they do you may ask? They tried their hardest to enter every single day in every single way!

Are You Doing Everything You Can To Become A PCH Winner?

Come on, maximize your chances! It’s free to enter and there are multiple ways to enter more than once a day! Here are just a few ways that you can enter to become a PCH Winner:

  • When you sign onto and enter to win, you can also access other ways to win! Simply click on the icons at the top of the page.

From you can find other useful and fun ways to win such as:

  • PCHkeno — a fun site where you can sign in, complete your PCHkeno cards, and enter Live Drawings held every 20 minutes! There’s more. You can earn tokens just for playing!
  • PCHlotto — How lucky are you? Grab your rabbit’s foot and pick your lucky numbers to have a shot at our Power Prize Jackpot!

As I write this blog, the Power Prize Jackpot is a whopping $4,004,854.37! WOW. On top of that, you can score an entry to our $25,000.00 A Month For Life Prize Event while on PCHlotto.

  • PCHfrontpage is a fun and easy way to enter to win! It’s where you’ll find all the latest news, weather, entertainment and more that you’re looking for. Why not find it here and activate entries for our prizes while you’re at it!
  • PCHslots. Enjoy that good old casino vibe from your couch, without ever having to lose money! Be a part of our exciting tournament that awards a WINNER EVERY DAY! Play slots like Wild West Winnings, Wild Cherry and Slots of Gold to pick up tokens, and a chance to enter to win our SuperPrize.
  • PCHgames. Keep the fun rolling throughout the day! PCHgames also has awesome tournaments. As I write, the Sunken Treasures Cave Quest tournament is up and running. Hop onto the PCHgame site right now to see what fun you’ve been missing out on, and to rack up tokens you can redeem for chances to win exciting gift cards, merchandise and cash!

The PCH Android App is another place to enter to win! Download it today for extra prize entries.

I cannot forget this one! If you scroll or swipe up right now to the top of your page you can enter for a chance to win our upcoming $25,000.00 A Month For Life Prize Event scheduled for award on June 30th! We’ll be taking a Special Early Look to see If the matching winning number has been returned on time. If not, we guarantee to award a $1,000,000.00 prize to an alternate winner in a second chance random drawing from among all timely entries. So be sure to enter every chance you get!

  • This is what you should see on the right side of your screen:

Go for it now! These are just a few ways you can enter to win. Have you been doing all of them? Remember, DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO BECOME A PCH WINNER! STAY IN IT TO WIN IT.

Your girl,
Tamara G
PCH Creative Intern

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  1. Will loose if I don’t do surveys?
    I do everything else I just can’t do surveys. I don’t like the surveys. Once in while I’ll do one when I have time. I just really can’t find the time to do surveys. I do the games. It’s amazing how someone can get such high score on the tri solitary peaks the highest I’ve ever got was 63,000 but it I am seeing 90 and 80,000 points that unbelievable. I positive and patient and perceptive still!