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Follow The Clues for Today’s Big PCH Prize Award!

Hey, everyone! We’re doing another giveaway today, and this time it’s the $1 Million PCHLotto Life Is Rich Prize! You read that right, someone this very day is going to be surprised by the Prize Patrol with $1,000,000.00 from PCHlotto! Did you get your PCHlotto entries in for this event? If you did, then the clues below might just be about the location of your very home! Are you ready to follow along?

Our last clue blog was a lot of fun, and today’s is going to be no exception, so make sure you check back throughout the day. We post clues and photos from the road as we get them, so you never know when the next one is going to pop up! And make sure you play along in the comments – half the fun is guessing!

Clue #1

There have been NO U.S. presidents born in the winner’s state.

Clue #2

The winner’s state has more than 1 NFL team.

Clue #3

The winner’s state achieved statehood in the first half of the 19th Century.

Update #1

Just about ready to make a new PCHlotto Millionaire!

Update #2

Wow! Congrats to Mike Flaherty from Valrico, Florida on his big win of the $1,000,000.00 Life Is Rich prize from PCHlotto! The PCH Prize Patrol says that he can’t wait to buy a new truck and a house on the beach! You know what’s great about this prize? It’s not just lotto…it’s PCHlotto, which means the winning entry was totally FREE! You never have to pay a single dollar to enter PCHlotto! So, congrats again to Mike Flaherty!

Matt “The Stat Man” Kelly
PCH Correspondent

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  1. Oh my god, I got them 18523 and 18524, I also go power prize number 8 and the mega prize 17010 and I also got 14299 and 14300. Oh my god, all I could do is dance.

  2. My best comment will, could or may be, be said, on the day the PCH Prize Patrol comes knocking on my door. When it can be seen, heard of live on what ever one has, that it can seen on, to what I say, in much like song, that was known of few Decades Back, as it may put a smile on all faces, to those who see it, Including those at my door.

  3. Awesome for you and family to win PCH, all of our dreams to be a winner. I’ve been a member with PCH since July 2016. Playing daily despite my friends and family. Have ordered many items and have been happy with. I will keep the belief anyone of us players can win. Happy Halloween.