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Interview with a $1,000,000 PCH Winner!

Today we have a very special PCH Winner Interview with one of our latest millionaires, but before we get into that, I have a question.

Do you know anyone else who enters Publishers Clearing House? Maybe a few friends in real life or online who help to cheer each other on as you keep those entries going and building those tokens? I love seeing the encouraging comments exchanged by fans on the blog and on our social media pages! But some people keep it “in the house,” and since PCH is known as “the house where dreams come true,” this seems pretty appropriate!

Enter Mike and Susan McNeill, a couple from Euclid, Ohio who always made entering from PCH a part of their routine. You see, 12 years ago Mike started to have some health issues and couldn’t work anymore. It was around this time that Mike and Sue decided they would start entering with the dream of becoming a PCH winner! They’d do it together throughout the day, and over the years it paid off…they won a little here and a little there…five times, in fact! But then came the BIG one last month!

“I heard car doors outside the house,” Sue explained over the phone. “I peeked through the blinds and see the balloons come out of the car and Howie with the roses! And we see Danielle’s picture online all the time, so I knew it was real, but I thought maybe they were surprising a neighbor. But then I saw them walking up to the steps and I yell, ‘Mike, PCH is here!’ And he woke up and said ‘What are you talking about?’ And I said, ‘they’re at the front door!’”

Sue was a bit stunned and quickly threw on a sweatshirt. She stood a moment and her husband reminded her, “Well, you gotta answer the door!” Let’s see their PCH winner moment below!

How great is that reaction? You can really see the relief on Sue’s face!

“Oh, well there was an immediate cry,” Sue says about her reaction after the cameras turned off. “Because we’ve put so much on credit cards for our health insurance, it was just…I couldn’t believe how things just got better in a matter of moments.”

Since Mike was unavailable for the interview, I asked Sue how he was feeling about it all:

“To Mike, the biggest thing was that he can relax. He’s able to take care of his family. He doesn’t have to worry about me, bills and everything like that. It’s a Godsend.”

When I asked them what their future plans were, Sue said they paid off lots of debt, hope to fix up the house, and give some money to their kids.

“We can’t wait to give a big check to THEM!” Sue enthused.

In addition to helping out the McNeills financially, Sue says that PCH has helped to better Mike in other ways too.

“You definitely perked up his world! His spirits have been lifted because he can do stuff. You’ve given him more of a dream to live for now.”

We’re so glad that we could come into Mike and Sue’s life at just the right time when they needed it most. But the Prize Patrol only showed up at their house because they were in it to win it! They made the most of every opportunity every single day. Are you doing the same? Don’t waste time playing those other games online – make it a PCH day!

Matt “The Stats Man” Kelly
PCH Correspondent

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  1. All I ever see is PCH, at my window and at my door, soon to bless me and my family before Christmas. I pray night and day for the last 15 years. I’m almost at 8 Million tokens. I will make my day, my year, my hour, and my time to be happy and start our lives over, to have our own home, and yes, I do it for my child who have autism. This is why I play the game, in other words, I would have stopped long time ago. Have a blessed day. Keep shining and knocking on other people, perhaps one day, I will be.

  2. yes i am to pch riend and falimy i am in it to win bigger amount and i am praying that i can win this time .god bless you and be very safe out on the road ok guys.