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On A Scale of 1-10, What Would Your Winner Reaction Be?

Winner Reaction Scale

Do you often wonder about how you would react if the Prize Patrol came to your front door with a Big Check in your name? What kinds of emotions would you be feeling in the moment? It’s hard to fathom for some, but others know exactly how they would react if they won!

Well, in just a few weeks, the Prize Patrol will be hitting the road again for our April 30th Special Early Look prize event. Someone could win our gigantic Set For Life Prize — $7,000 every single week for life!

So, we want to know…if YOU were surprised as the big winner on April 30th, on a scale from 1-10 (using the image above as your guide), what would YOUR winner reaction be? There’s no wrong answer here! Some people are much more vocal about their excitement than others, so whether your winning reaction would fall at a 1…or a 10…or somewhere in between, you’re still a “winner” in our book!

Here are some winner reactions for you to reference if you’re looking for some help! Do you all remember Carol Copeland? She was one of our most ecstatic winners we’ve ever had! I’d place her winner reaction at a 10 on the scale! Watch here for this priceless winning moment:


Now, other winners haven’t been as exuberant as Ms. Copeland was. We’ve had plenty of winners who have been more quiet and humble – some have even been speechless! Watch Neil Kroll’s winning moment here:


So you see, all PCH winning moment reactions are different, but we love them all the same! So please, tell us – if you were the winner on April 30th, we would love to know where your winning reaction would fall on this scale!

Wishing all you amazing fans out there the best of luck on April 30th!

Dillon H.
Promotion Development

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