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Play Pick 6 At PCHlotto! It’s Fun And It’s FREE!

Have you had any luck lately playing the weekly state lottery drawings? I’m sure if you play faithfully you have the same routine … you plop down some hard-earned cash, maybe every day along with your morning coffee and newspaper, for a chance to win. That “pay to play” routine can add up to lots of money out of your weekly budget! Well, what if I told you that you could play Pick 6 lotto and NEVER HAVE TO PAY A DIME to win?

That’s right, Publishers Clearing House has a better way for you to play lotto! With PCHlotto you can enter as often as you wish every day of the week. Just sign up for an account at and play whenever, wherever you want — and it’s always FREE!

Now there’s a BIGGER reason for you to come and play!

Why? Because you can now play Pick 6 $5,000.00 for a chance to win BIG in our daily drawing. If you match all 6 numbers, you’ll win a whopping $5,000.00! There is also a daily guaranteed prize of $500.00 when you play this card (we’ve bumped that prize amount up from $100.00)! This super prize increase sure is exciting news for our daily players! And don’t forget, the best part is you get to Pick 6 numbers and you NEVER HAVE TO PAY A DIME!

PCH is always working hard to keep YOU entertained, too, with exciting new ways for you to play your numbers once you sign in. You’ll have loads of fun and have more ways to get lucky and win, win, win! Pick 6 is just one of the fun ways to play your cards. You’ll also find plenty of scratch-off cards with cool themes and fun designs that will keep you coming back for more.

And that’s not all! Join PCHRewards and earn tokens daily for playing PCHlotto games. Play every card every day to maximize chances to win cash and score tokens! Visit the PCHRewards Token Exchange to utilize tokens for entries into daily drawings. You could go for exciting chances to win cash, gift cards and merchandise. Winners are guaranteed!

What’s the lesson we learned today? Play your cards right at PCHlotto! Come visit for daily fun and excitement and the chance to win BIG CASH with our Pick 6 $5,000.00 card!

Jane M.
PCH Creative

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