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What would YOUR “PCH Victory Walk” look like if You Won $25,000 A Month For Life?

Hey, winning $25,000 A Month For Life in PCH’s June 30th special early look prize event would put pep in anyone’s step! So, picture this: in just a few weeks, you hear your doorbell ring. You‘d open the door, and there would be the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol, holding roses, balloons, champagne and a BIG CHECK with your name on it. How would you react?

Would you jump up and down?

We get that a LOT … and it’s one of our FAVORITE winner reactions! We LOVE seeing PCH friends like you jumping up and down like a kid who’s unwrapped her favorite toy! (It also makes great footage for the “winning moment” videos featured in Publishers Clearing House TV commercials.) So, if you’re our $25,000 A Month For Life winner on June 30, jump as high as you’d like and shout as loud as you’d please!

Would you do a “happy dance”?

If you heard our Prize Patrol declare: “(Your Name), you’ve just won $25,000 A Month For Life from Publishers Clearing House,” would you bust some serious dance moves? Whether you dance The Woah, The Dejo, Hip-Hop or the Bunny Hop, the dance floor would be yours to command if we make you a PCH Winner on June 30th.

Would you grab someone and plant a big PCH Winner’s kiss?

It could be a husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or partner — or even Dave, Todd, Howie or Danielle of the PCH Prize Patrol! When they’re living in the PCH Winning Moment, a lot of our winners grab their nearest and dearest for a Victory Dance AND a big Victory Kiss!

Are you gonna enter NOW … so we might all see YOUR PCH Victory Walk in weeks?

You’d better! This is a seriously BIG prize opportunity, and whether we award $25,000 A Month For Life, or go to a second-chance drawing with a guaranteed $1,000,000 Prize — someone is DEFINITELY going to win on June 30th. Why not YOU?

Get active and enter, Enter, ENTER!

Here goes my usual mantra: Enter every day and every way you can to enter and Win at Publishers Clearing House! Enter every day, and as many times, as you possibly can, right up until 11:59 PM EST on June 27, the last moment we can accept entries for PCH’s $25,000 A Month For Life prize event.

Those PCH cameras will be rolling on June 30th, to capture the reactions of our newest SuperPrize winner. If it’s you, you can do your PCH Winner’s Victory Walk for the whole country to see. We’ll be watching!

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