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$15,000 Win Fall Prize Patrol Winner Recap!

Hello, PCH fans! We get to write about so many great things here on the PCH Blog. Our Editor-in-Chief Amanda passes out our weekly assignments, and it’s nearly always a surprise what our next one will be! Several weeks ago, Amanda emailed me to let me know I’d be working on a recap of a HUGE $15,000.00 Win Fall prize to be delivered by the Prize Patrol! I couldn’t wait to hear all about the winning moment from Howie, Danielle or Dave, except something strange happened…the Prize Patrol member who awarded the prize was going to be me!

I’ve been out on the road delivering prizes a few times over the years, especially when the Prize Patrol have other travels at the same time. So, I knew all I needed to do was wait by my computer inbox for the big news – and then it came! The Contest Department had selected a winner and I was off to Minneapolis, Minnesota!

I quickly booked my flight, called a local florist, and arranged a camera crew to meet me. The next day I bid the PCH offices adieu and landed at the St. Paul airport late that night, imagining the day that lay before me!

Friday morning, I put on my Prize Patrol suit, grabbed my champagne, balloons and Big Check, and met my camera crew at the local florist. All of the people of Minnesota couldn’t have been more helpful as I prepared for the winning moment! Then we raced over to the home of our winner…Jeanmarie Dahl!

When we walked to the house, we saw some cars in the driveway – always a good sign! But soon after we knocked on the door, we discovered Jeanmarie wasn’t at home. Her husband, daughter and son-in-law answered, and said that she was at work at the local credit union about 15 minutes away. Since we were worried she was about to go out for lunch, we had them call Jeanmarie and tell her that someone was about to make a “special delivery” to her job that required her signature.

We arrived at her job and entered the lobby. There in front of us was Jeanmarie, looking surprised but extremely happy. She came out from behind the teller desk and we told her what she had just won…she was ecstatic! She put her hands over her mouth and said, “Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it!” She just kept holding the check, looking down at it in disbelief.

Jeanmarie is an avid PCH fan and enters often at night after work. She loves playing the games and collecting tokens. She was so sweet and gracious, and it was wonderful speaking with her. Her first thought about spending the money had to do with her husband’s health. He had been unable to take care of some major backyard work in the past years, and its lack of upkeep had been bothering him. Jeanmarie thought that they could use the money to fix things her husband isn’t able to…just in time for Father’s Day!

Jeanmarie was such a nice person, and all of her coworkers were great as well. They were so happy for her, and posed for this group photo before we left!

I had such a great time filling in for our Prize Patrol team, and I really fell in love with the city of Minneapolis. What a wonderful time!

And you know what else is wonderful? Entering from PCH! Of course, it’s even better if you WIN, so make sure you’re entering so that it’s a possibility! When I speak to winners like Jeanmarie, they very often say that they enter every chance they get. So be like them – enter at today so that you can be in it to win it!

Matt “The Stats Man” Kelly

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  1. Yes, Yes, Yes PCH, I’m entering again hoping to Win $15,000.00 Prize Funds Very Soon and meet the Prize Patrol, in Orange Park, Florida, at the McBride House! WOW! Yes I’m, repeating myself and have been entering since 1994 nonstop hoping to Win and meet the Prize Patrol! Now it’s 2024; still entering, still want to Win and meet the Prize Patrol! Hope to see you guys Soon! Thanks again PCH, God Bless.