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$10K Cash for School – Who Is The Winner?

Can you remember entering to win $10,000.00 in cash for school?

Remember, the advertisement said you’d receive $10,000.00 that you could use to pay tuition and other costs if you won?

Yup, the ad at the top of this page! It’s all coming back to you now!

Well, ready or not, here it comes!

Have a seat and strap in because TODAY ONE LUCKY WINNER WILL BE AWARDED $10K FOR SCHOOL!

Woo boy, this is exciting! Just think about all the stuff a student could get with $10,000.00 for the new school year!

Tuition – Check
School Supplies – Check
New Uniforms/Outfits – Check
New Backpack – Check

And just so you know, even though this contest is called “Win $10,000.00 Cash for School,” the winnings can be used toward anything at all – and I’m confident that the winner will find good use for a windfall like this!

WHO WON, WHO WON? IT COULD BE YOU! The Prize Patrol is on the road!

The Prize Patrol actually has been giving me a few clues along the way … maybe you can guess where the winner lives? Let me know in the comment section below! Is it you? For now, here are the clues:


There are more women than men in this state.


This state was one of the first 13 colonies.


More than 1 U.S.A President was born in this state.


The 1st settlers in this state were Dutch.


Winner of $10,000.00 Cash for School, Miriam Rodriguez with Prize Patrol member Danielle!
Winner of $10,000.00 Cash for School, Miriam Rodriguez with Prize Patrol member, Danielle!

Congratulations to Miriam Rodriguez from Gasport, New York, on winning PCH’s $10,000.00 Cash for School prize!

Danielle surprised Miriam big time. The Prize Patrol was about to leave when Miriam pulled up into the driveway, she just came back from grocery shopping. Danielle says that Miriam was a sweet and amazing person, and that she was shocked to see the Prize Patrol. Miriam was jumping up and down, saying IT’S REAL! Miriam told the Prize Patrol that she will use the money to pay bills and will keep entering to win!

We are extremely excited for you, Miriam!

To all, good luck with the new school year and don’t forget, now more than ever, STAY IN IT TO WIN IT!

P.S. The next SuperPrize of $25,000.00 a Month for Life is around the corner; get with the program at!!!!

Your girl,
Tamara G.
Creative Intern

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