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Want To Win $25,000.00 A Month For Life? Only 3 Days Left To Enter!

The countdown is on Friends and Fans! There Are ONLY THREE DAYS LEFT TO ENTER to Win an Extraordinary LIFETIME PRIZE!!! It’s true, our June 30th prize event is coming to an end and you could take home an incredible $25,000.00 A Month For Life! But Time is Running Out!

Exactly How Much Money Are We Talking?

If you won, you’d be getting $25,000.00 a month FOR LIFE! In only one year you’d amass $300,000.00 … in JUST five years you’d be a millionaire!
Think of all of the things you could do with that money… You could re-do your house or just buy a new one, get a fancy car or two, take the family on an all-expense paid vacation, or all of the above. The options are endless!!!

Maximize Your Chances To Win! Enter to Win multiple times a day!

You’ll want to visit, PCHfrontpage,, PCHlotto, PCHSearch&Win, the PCH App for Android, PCHgames, and PCH’s social media page.

Hurry Up, The Clock Is Ticking!

Here’s a look at a “winning game plan” that can help fit entering to win with PCH into your daily routine for the next three days!

  1. Wake up! ENTER to win $25,000.00 A Month For Life, as you sip on your morning cup of coffee.
  2. Sit down, have a bite to eat, and ENTER!
  3. Take an evening stroll as you peruse the PCH App and find some fun ways to play for your chance to win the Extraordinary Prize!
  4. Go to bed, you will need your rest, for another fun-filled PCH day tomorrow!

You have up until 11:59 PM EST on June 27th, THREE DAYS FROM NOW! Make the absolute most of it by claiming as many entries as you can before time runs out, and you could become our next big winner!

Good luck my friends!!!

Brittany A.
PCH Creative Intern

P.S. Remember, when we take our “Special Early Look” drawing, if there isn’t a matching winning number for the $25,000.00 A Month For Life prize, then a $1 Million Second Chance prize will be awarded — so, someone will DEFINITELY WIN a SuperPrize on June 30th! Get your entries in before it’s too late!

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  1. #4/5 I like to win $25,000.00 a month for life for ever only day left to enter could go on a vacation to see what attractions in other states, I would like go to New York to see the shows like the Rocketts & others.

  2. Boy, would it be really nice to win that much money of $25,000.00 a month for life. I am moving out of California going to a (maybe) a cheaper place to live. Ca. is really too expensive for up seniors. I just turned 82 years old but I feel very young and I would like to see the world. I hope that I win.

  3. I Don’t know why i can win anything from playing sweepstakes because i am a vip elite been doing everything right. 25,000 #19500 August 30,2022

    1. Hi Marco! Thank you so very much for your loyalty. PCH values all of our fans and their incredible support. Keep in mind that while millions of entries are received, only one person can win each giveaway. However, every entry has the same fair chance of winning so I encourage you to keep trying. Winners are all randomly selected; there’s no way to know who we’re going to award next. There are multiple ways to enter each day and there are many exciting giveaways to enter into. You can see them all here: Good luck to you and all who enter!!

    1. I dont have it on my phone I don’t know what happened and I like playing the games and enter thank you