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Time Is Running Out – Tomorrow’s The Last Day To Enter!

Here at Publishers Clearing House headquarters the Prize Patrol is gearing up to go out on the road to change someone’s life for good. That’s right … on Sunday, June 30th, they’ll be walking up to someone’s door with balloons, champagne and, of course, the BIG CHECK, with the cameras rolling to capture the lucky winner’s surprised reaction. We’re all super excited to see the look on the winner’s face and to capture their winning moment. Will they scream … cry … shout … or will they be rendered speechless by this incredible windfall?

If you want that winner to be you, I’m here to remind you that the very last day to enter to win $25,000.00 A Month For Life is tomorrow! We’re looking for someone to take home the lifetime prize that pays out a $25,000.00 check month after month after month! So we’ll be taking a Special Early Look to see if the matching winning number has been returned on time. Be sure to get your entries in by the deadline! The Prize Patrol will be delivering a cool $1,000,000.00 to an alternate winner in a second chance drawing if the matching winning number is not returned. Whatever happens, and whatever the prize amount, this winning moment is bound to be priceless!

What a difference a day COULD make!

You have the rest of today and all day tomorrow to make the most of your chances to win! The clock is ticking, so I suggest that you really go for it and enter every way you can! You must get your entries in before tomorrow’s entry deadline, which is 11:59 PM EST tomorrow night!

For starters, just click on the “Enter Now” button in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Then visit our other properties for more chances to win at PCHgames, PCHfrontpage, PCHSearch&Win and more! Remember, entering is fun, it’s fast, and it’s always FREE, so get cracking!

Again, tomorrow is the last day to enter to win this life-changing prize. REMEMBER TO GET YOUR ENTRIES IN BEFORE TOMORROW’S DEADLINE!

Then be sure to visit the PCH Blog on June 30th, when we go behind the scenes with the Prize Patrol as they award this incredible PCH SuperPrize. Of course, you’ll also want to follow the clues we’ll be giving out on the PCHFanPage on Facebook.

Good luck to all!

Jane M.
PCH Creative

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