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$1 Million Could Change Your Life!

Have you ever made a life-changing decision that stood the test of time? One that had a real lasting impact on your life? Maybe it was a pledge to get healthier. Or maybe you adopted a new way of thinking that transformed your perspective on life! I don’t think anyone would disagree, there are some decisions that have this power, and those who have entered and become a $1 Million PCH winner sure would agree!

Many of our $1 Million PCH prizes come as the result of one of our Second Chance drawings, which means even if we don’t have a matching winning number returned for a Prize Event, we select a $1 Million PCH winner from a second chance drawing!

I’ve done interviews with these “second chancers” in the past, and they’re always memorable conversations.

I think about my recent conversation with Betty Patchett, who won $1,000,000.00 Plus $10,000.00 A Year For Life. She was training to be a school bus driver when Howie and Dave from the Prize Patrol showed up at the garage. Her windfall allowed her to really retire in style, and she and her spouse were able to add an extension on to their home! Watch for my visit with her in an upcoming “Where Are They Now“ segment!

Speaking of Second Chance and Where Are They Now, Annette Jenkins was a $1 Million PCH Second Chance story if I’ve ever heard one! AJ to her friends, she was working three jobs just to make ends meet. But after she became a $1 Million PCH winner, she was able to enter semi-retirement and buy a new home! Here’s the interview I did with her where you can see for yourself!

I can’t wait to hear about how yesterday’s winner, Cedric L., will spend their “second chance” $1 Million PCH prize. I’ll be following up with him soon, and you’ll hear about it FIRST right here on the blog!

It seems like every $1 Million PCH winner is deserving of a second chance in some way. How about you? Do you deserve a second chance on life like these winners above? I bet it’s easy to imagine what you’d be doing with the money should you win from a second chance $1 Million drawing. So many winners have bought or paid off homes, wiped out debt or purchased brand new vehicles (some for the first time in their lives!).

So tell us in the comments why you deserve a second chance, and remember – go over to to enter, so if you won, I might be talking to you about your story right here on the blog!

Matt “Stats Man” Kelly

PCH Correspondent

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