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PCH Token Winners for the Month of June

It’s hard to believe that June has come and gone by so quickly. What a month!

Before we get fully submersed in all things July, I thought we should take some time to reflect.

What did you do in June? Let me know in the comment section below.

Many of us celebrated some of the wonderful men in our lives for Father’s Day. We officially said hello to summer on June 21st.I’m sure that some of you spent some time outdoors. I actually went hiking for the first time. And some on you were Token Exchange Winners!

Yup, some of you took time to earn Tokens. SMART! You can earn PCH Tokens for free, while having fun playing games and giving yourself a real chance to win!

Check out a few of our amazing Token Winners for the month of June and their prizes.

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Gift Cards for great retailers and restaurants with delicious food. Top-of-the-line electronics and sporting equipment. Does that sound good to you because it sounds fantastic to me. If you feel the same, then you know what to do. START PLAYING GAMES! You can also earn Tokens when you search on PCHsearch&win. Stack up your tokens and redeem them for a chance to win!

It’s that simple, stay in it to win it!

Your girl,
Tamara Garcia
PCH Creative Intern

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