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A Blog Reader Won The Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!

A few weeks ago, Isabel L. of Miami, Florida woke up from sleep at 4 am. I can’t tell you exactly what woke her, but I can tell you what she did next … before she went back to sleep, she entered the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

If that sounds familiar, then you must be a PCH mega fan like Isabel! Real PCH fans enter every chance they get, because they never know when that entry is going to be … the one! Isabel enters PCH every single day, and as of a few weeks ago, she had already won a total of 7 times! She was certainly in it to win it, and so far, her prizes had ranged from $10 to $75. Winning these smaller prizes is great, but every fan of Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes knows that there are those even BIGGER prizes, just waiting for the time to strike!

Yes, that very same day, Isabel opened up the PCH Blog and started to read about how the Prize Patrol was on the road, ready to deliver a $25,000 Lotto Multiplier Card prize to a lucky recipient. There were even clues hinting at where the Prize Patrol was headed.

Isabel may have thought that the clues seemed to be close to home, and she definitely wondered, “Could they be coming to bring the prize to me?

She got ready and went to work. Isabel’s job is at a bank, so she spends all day long in the company of other people’s money. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to work in a bank, handling thousands and thousands of dollars on a daily basis, but maybe not even having a nest egg to call your own!

Well, as fate would have it, pulling up outside the bank was the Prize Patrol … with a BIG check for $25,000.00!

“She was ecstatic,” said Prize Patroller Howie Guja, and he called her “… a mega PCH fan!”

That morning Isabel was reading the blog, wondering if the clues were for her … AND THEY WERE! We wanted to tell you Isabel’s story, because it could be yours someday, too. Everyone who enters the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes has an equal chance of winning, so make sure you’re in it to win it.

And Isabel was certainly in it – she (and all of her family!) are regular PCH entrants. Isabel’s daughter even reached out to Howie to say that they’ve been watching our winning moments for a really long time! So, to keep the PCH spirit in the family, Isabel said she’s going to use part of the money to pay for her daughter’s wedding — and also towards a new car!

We’re so excited to have been such a big part of this family’s life, and we are honored to help bring even more happiness through this $25,000 “wedding gift!”

Could all of this happen to you, too? Of course it could! As I said before, you have just as much of a chance at winning from your entry as Isabel did from hers. But giveaways come and go, so you HAVE to make sure you’re entering as often as you can so that your entry is a part of the next big drawing! And then you never know … our next batch of clues could bring us right do your front door!

Happy entering!

Matt “The Stats Man” Kelly

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