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Follow The Clues for Today’s Orlando Vacation Giveaway!

Hey, PCH Fans!

It’s yet ANOTHER Publishers Clearing House giveaway day today! To be honest, my friends and colleagues here at PCH Headquarters are almost having a hard time keeping up with all of the winning that’s been going on this month! We all try to keep regular tabs on Danielle, Howie, Todd and Dave, but these last few weeks have been absolutely hectic! Not to mention the Prize Patrol appearing this week on The View—who knows where they’ll end up next!

And speaking of where they’ll be next, somehow at least ONE of them will be delivering a prize for a Publishers Clearing House giveaway sometime today, July 24th! This prize is a great one, an Orlando Vacation! There is so much to do in that magical city, with plenty of amusement parks to choose from! And what about all of the resorts and luxurious hotels!

I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of theme parks. I follow all of the latest attractions, and I’ve been lucky enough to take my kids when we’re in the area. But if that sounds like you, or you’ve never been, then this Publishers Clearing House giveaway has your name on it!

So without further ado, let’s get to what you’re here for…CLUES!! Did you know that just a few weeks ago, a Prize Winner was following along with the clues for the day and thought “I wonder if these clues are about where I live?” I’ll have more about that in an upcoming blog, but you never know where the Prize Patrol will be headed!

Clue #1: The winner’s state borders a body of water.

Clue #2: The winner’s state has more than one major league baseball team.

Clue #3: The winner’s state flower is red.

Clue #4: The winner’s state is the home of America’s first traffic light.

Clue #5: The winner’s state capital is three syllables.

Congratulations to winner Dean F., of Marietta, Ohio, who won $10,000!!! Dean was working on his farm at the time of the Prize Patrol’s arrival. When he realized the reason why his wife called him into the house was for $10,000 and not to get rid of a wasps nest, he was THRILLED! He plans to use the money to fix up the farm and take care of some bills. He and wife Coleen will celebrate by going out to dinner tonight!

Keep your eyes peeled to the blog, because I’m sure we’ll have another Publishers Clearing House giveaway to give you clues to soon!  Happy entering!

Matt “The Stats Man” Kelly

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