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Your PCH Schedule – New Sweepstakes for July

Hi, everyone! July is a great month for PCH – and for you – with lots of winning moments just waiting to happen. Since week five is only a few days, we’re going to go through weeks 1-4. So, let’s get started and review Your PCH Schedule – New Sweepstakes for July!

PCH July Sweepstakes Calendar -Week 1

Week 1: Patriotic Payday and PCHrewards!

Happy Independence Day! Week one has some great things on tap. On Wednesday, July 3rd, the PCH Daily Prize is getting a patriotic spin, just in time for the Fourth of July (notice my Autumn there)! The daily prize, an exclusive feature to the PCH App, can range anywhere from restaurant gift cards to electronics and appliances. But from 7/3 – 7/7, the app will be introducing “Patriotic Paydays,” as five $1,000 CASH PRIZES are guaranteed to be awarded (one every day of the event)! Five lucky players will be seeing fireworks in the form of CASH at 4:59 PM, ET each day! Don’t have the PCH App? Well then, I seriously suggested you download it now!

Friday July 5th is the perfect time to enter our PCHrewards End of Car Contest where you could win a 2019 Ford Edge ST, AWD, 2.7L V6 EcoBoost® Engine, 8-Speed Automatic Transmission valued at $54, 510.00! 5,000 tokens get you an entry, so it’s a perfect time to use those zillions of tokens you’ve been storing up! Better hurry – this prize is guaranteed to be awarded on Thursday July 11th! Head over to the PCHrewards page now!

PCH June Sweepstakes Calendar -Week 2

Week 2:

There’s a lot of stuff going on in week two, so you may want to set a few reminders! Monday July 8 is the last day to enter that PCHRewards End of Car Contest. If you want a shot at that sweet ride, then get those entries in.

Wednesday, July 10 is the $100,000 Keno Award Date! Do you remember this PCHKeno giveaway from last month? A sweet $100,000.00 Keno-exclusive prize has been up for grabs and we’ve been encouraging fans to enter to win from 6/28 – 6/30, during the hours of 2–5 PM, ET! This Prize Is Guaranteed to Be Awarded, and Wednesday 7/10 is the big day! Are you in to win?

PCH has recently partnered with healthcare experts Roman and Rory to create a new and exciting “health and wellness”-themed giveaway… and it has a really unique twist! They’ll be two themes – one for men and one for women – and both awesome. For men, they’ll see Roman’s theme, “Live to the Max!” Women will see Rory’s “Ready, Set, Glow” theme. So, you should head over to to enter to win $10,000.00! A Winner Is Guaranteed and will be awarded on 7/25! You won’t want to miss this new sweeps, so head on over and get in to win!

Then there’s the exciting $10,000.00 Orlando Vacation Giveaway! One lucky entrant will win BIG MONEY toward a dream vacation! A Winner Is Guaranteed in this big cash giveaway, so make your way to, where you can go for $10,000.00 toward an Orlando vacation of a lifetime! Then on 7/19, one very lucky entrant will be thrilled to find our PCH Prize Patrol at their door with a Big Check! You don’t want to miss it!

PCH June Sweepstakes Calendar -Week 3

Week 3: Rory/Roman and Orlando!

That sounds like a band, Rory/Roman and Orlando. But it’s not – its two great giveaways going on in week three. July 15th is the last day to get in on the Rory/Roman sweeps – it’s also the last day for the $10,000.00 Orlando Vacation Giveaway. MAKE SURE YOU ENTERED BOTH OF THEM! Then on the 19th, we’ll find out who the $10,000.00 Orlando Vacation Giveaway Winner is! Woo hoo!

PCH June Sweepstakes Calendar -Week 4

Week 4: It’s A Mystery!

Week four is the last week we’re reviewing this month since week five is only a few days. Very exiting is Wednesday July 24th when PCHSearch&Win begins their Mystery Prize Mania Event! Check it out:


PCHSearch&Win will be holding its exclusive Mystery Prize Mania event from July 24 – 28, where each day a secret CASH PRIZE amount will be unveiled. You can win anywhere from a mesmerizing $5,000.00 all the way up to a bewildering $25,000.00! PLUS, the plot thickens with compelling instant-win prize opportunities!


You guys will receive special instructions from, PCHlotto, PCHSearch&Win, and our social media platforms advising you to go to PCHSearch&Win – it’s only there that you can enter to win MYSTERY CASH AND PRIZES!


As if out of thin air, PCHSearch&Win will be awarding plenty of prizes in its baffling five-day Mystery Prize Mania Event, and Winners Are Guaranteed! So, let’s all keep a private eye out for the BIG REVEALS! What will the daily prizes be? We’ll just have to wait and see – it’s a mystery! Ha!

Lastly, Thursday July 25 is the Rory/Roman Sweepstakes award date! Will the winner be a man or a woman? Can’t wait to find out!

Well, that’s it for Your PCH Schedule – New Sweepstakes for July. There’s A LOT going on – so many opportunities for you to bank some bucks. I just can’t wait to see some new winning moments… will they be yours? OK, make sure you enter. Good luck to all, and I’ll see you in August!

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