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What Other Unusual Method of Delivery Should The Prize Patrol Take?

Boy oh boy, my friends … tomorrow, August 27th, is the LAST DAY to enter and win the $5,000.00 A Week For Life prize Publishers Clearing House guarantees to award this Friday, August 30th. Although we’re all familiar with the Prize Patrol van, we’re wondering what other delivery method would be a good idea for delivering the “BIG CHECK” in days.

In a helicopter?

Maybe our $5,000.00 A Week Life winner lives in a remote wilderness area or on an island — someplace hard to reach by Prize Patrol van. NO MATTER! Our determined Prize Patrol would absolutely get a licensed helicopter pilot to fly them to the winner, toting balloons, roses, champagne and the “Big Check.”

On motorcycles?

Might make sense! Our Prize Patrol will be on a tight schedule this Friday, racing against time to locate our guaranteed $5,000.00 A Week For Life winner and give her or him the surprise of a lifetime. Traveling on motorcycles would help them weave through traffic and get to their destination — your house??? — in a hurry!

By horse-drawn wagon?

They will if they have to! Maybe they’ll find themselves searching for the winner in farm country this Friday, and the Prize Patrol van breaks down. Not a service station for miles.
This wouldn’t stop Danielle, Howie, Todd or Dave! I can just picture them, convincing a local farmer to lend them his “horse and buggy” to drive to the PCH winner’s door!

By dogsled?

That might sound a little “out there” and wouldn’t apply for this Friday’s “Big Check” delivery, BUT … Publishers Clearing House awards BIG prizes all year ‘round — over $30 Million in the last 8 months alone. So if the Prize Patrol has a delivery in famously snowy Caribou, Maine or Grand Targhee, Wyoming or Rogers Pass, British Columbia, they probably wouldn’t rule out taking the reins and crying “MUSH!” to make the Winning Moment happen!

Can YOU suggest another unusual delivery method for the Prize Patrol in the Comments below?

Maybe a camel caravan for getting through California’s Mojave Desert … a hovercraft to skim over land, water, mud and ice … or a flying carpet once someone gets around to inventing one? Just for fun, tell us your wildest ideas about how the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol
should deliver their “Big Checks.”

Up until midnight tomorrow night, try THIS transportation method to lifetime financial security.

That would be to ENTER — all day today, right up until a moment before midnight, E.S.T. tomorrow. You don’t know which entry could turn out to be the $5,000.00 A Week For Life Winner — it could be the one you send now. And remember: after 11:59 PM E.S.T. tomorrow, we can accept no more entries for this guaranteed prize.

With so little time remaining to enter to win, I hope you’ll take my advice. Our Prize Patrol will do whatever it takes to get that PCH Big Check to our guaranteed winner. Do what it takes now, and the winner could be YOU.

Sending winning wishes your way …

Marybeth H.
PCH Creative

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