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August Was A HOT Month In Winning

August is much more than just the eighth month of the year. It’s a month that’s been associated with winning ever since the first emperor of Rome named it after himself. After all, it’s alleged he chose the month because it was the time of several of his greatest triumphs.

“August” also is an adjective that describes something esteemed, honored, or worthy of admiration – much like this month’s Play&Win and Search&Win winners. These august individuals were determined to win this August, and they came out on top – showing everyone else that playing and searching with Publishers Clearing House are great ways (perhaps the best ways!) to beat the dog days of summer.

What are they called the “dog days of August”? Use Search&Win to find out.

Here are just some of the winners who struck it rich with PCH during August!

Regardless of when, where, or how you choose to play, there’s no denying that Publishers Clearing House is the place where America comes to play®. So where are you playing this summer? At the beach or the park on your mobile device? During your morning/evening commute with any of the PCH apps? Or in the comfort of your air conditioning with With September on the horizon, remember to stay cool with contests, get going with games, or see the latest on the PCH Facebook fan page – and your name could appear on the September “Month In Winning” list!

Stay cool, PCH fans,

Russell S.
PCH Creative

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