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What Would You Spend It On First?

It’s Your Prize Money to Spend, So Spend It Wisely!

At one time or another in life, you’ve probably received this advice – “don’t spend it all in one place.” Whether it was your weekly allowance, birthday card cash, or a prize won at summer camp, a well-meaning adult likely leaned over and uttered those words while handing over your reward.

Fast-forward a few years and you’re a PCH fan – you enter every day, play games as often as possible, and even try your hand at PCHlotto and PCHkeno from time to time.

Now let’s imagine it finally happens! A winning moment all your own – the Prize Patrol on your doorstep, champagne and roses, and a “Big Check” with your name on it! Forget that old childhood lesson and focus on what’s right in front of and answer this – what are you going to spend it on first???

What’s the first thing you’d buy with your “Big Check”?

“Big Check” prizes range from $10,000 to $1,000,000 and more, and chances are you’ve dreamed about what you’d do if you were to win. Vacation? Check! Donation? Check! Home repairs/upgrades? Check! In fact, there’s a lot you can check off your checklist with a “Big Check”!

I know the question at hand asks about the first thing on which I’d spend a “Big Check,” (if I could win, which I can’t!!!) but sometimes selecting only one just isn’t that easy – especially when you consider how much money you’d have to spend if you become our next BIG SuperPrize winner. However, I was able to determine a “top three.”

How I’d Spend A “Big Check” Fortune

  1. ME – It’s my money and the first thing I’m going to spend it on is me! Or more precisely, my car. Whether it’s paying off my current car note or placing a whole chunk of change down on something new, I’m treating myself to something fast, fun, and loud!
  2. Me, part 2 – The “responsible me” would insist that I put some of the money toward my future and invest it. I’d add some money to my IRA, and then consult with a financial adviser about other ways to make my money grow.
  3. Charities – I definitely would donate to some of the charities that are most important to me.

Now it’s your turn! What’s the first thing you’d spend a “Big Check” on? Let’s hear it! Can’t settle on just one? Follow my lead and give your “top three.”

And if you want a shot at making this dream come true, then you know what to do – ENTER!

Russell S.
PCH Creative

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