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Get in to Win $2.5 Million THIS SUNDAY at PCHlotto!

Hey there, friends and fans!

Can you believe it’s already mid-September? School’s back in session, the sun is setting earlier, and soon enough, we’ll be transitioning seasons into Autumn. One of my favorites of the Four Seasons (both temperature-wise and per Vivaldi), I’m excited for all things apple cider, Halloween, and my personal favorite holiday, Black Friday. Here at PCH, though, one season we feel year-round is the Season of Winning. And coming up this weekend is our next drawing for a $2.5 Million MegaPrize Winner at PCHlotto!

If you’re familiar with PCHlotto, you may have heard of the $2.5 Million MegaPrize — it’s one of the biggest PCHlotto prizes you can get in to win (only the PCHlotto PowerPrize is bigger). And we look for a winner every Sunday night! That’s right, each and every week, you have a chance to suddenly become $2.5 Million richer!

Just imagine the debts you can payoff and the new perks you could afford if you won the $2.5 Million MegaPrize! Back to school shopping, no longer a problem. Who’s giving out the best Halloween candy on the block? My guess is you. And don’t even get me started on Black Friday (and I guess the day before, Black Friday Eve…er, Thanksgiving). And that’s just what’s coming up this Fall! A $2.5 Million MegaPrize win wouldn’t just be a seasonal win, it would be life-changing!

Of course, for any of this to happen, you need to enter to win! If you’re unsure of how to do that, no fret, it’s easy! First, go to PCHlotto. When you arrive, you’ll immediately have access to the PowerPrize Card. Complete that by selecting a set of numbers (or just clicking “Quick Pick”) — now, not only will you be in to win the $2.5 Million MegaPrize, but also the PowerPrize, which, this week at Lotto, is valued at over $4.4 Million!

Once you’ve completed the PowerPrize Card, you’ll automatically go to the $2.5 Million MegaPrize Card — it’s that easy. From there, the process is the same: select a set of numbers that you want to win with, or take even less time and press quick pick!

Since this is a weekly drawing, you can get in to win each day. With seven different sets of numbers, you’ll have seven different chances to have a matching set to the winning numbers! And I hear if you’re a dedicated Lotto Player and are signed up to receive our special email communications, there are even bonus play opportunities, so you can have even more sets of numbers in the running to win!

Getting in to win the $2.5 Million MegaPrize takes mere seconds, and, should you win, those few seconds could be beyond life-changing! Don’t delay – make sure you have numbers in to win on Sunday!


Will F.
PCH Creative

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