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Have you taken advantage of ALL the ways to enter to win $1,000.00 A Day For Life?

Our Prize Patrol has been authorized to deliver a life-changing prize to the winner of our $1,000.00 A Day For Life “Special Early Look” Prize Event, and I want to make sure you’re aware of all the FREE ways you can enter every day — and maybe WIN in just a few weeks.


#1 Start at PCH’s online “front door” –! is a great way to fire up a daily entry for our “Set For Life” Prize Event — and it also connects you to all the other PCH ways to enter online.

Once you’ve activated a Sweepstakes entry at, you can go on to other FREE ways to enter to win $1,000.00 A Day For Life.

#2 Search the Web while going for the “gold” at PCHSearch&Win!

Don’t you have to do Web searches pretty much every day? Of course! Log on to PCHSearch&Win and do ALL your Web-surfing with us. You can earn some pretty cool instant prizes that way — AND your first search of the day will blast ANOTHER $1,000.00 A Day For Life entry our way!

#3 Come on over to PCHlotto for some high-rolling fun!

Pick your “lucky numbers” to go for our ever-growing PCHlotto POWER PRIZE JACKPOT! The stakes are high, it’s a blast to play — and you’ll get in your daily $1,000.00 A Day For Life entry, too!

#4 Check out the buzz at PCHfrontpage!

Visit PCHfrontpage, today, tomorrow and every day to keep up with all the news, entertainment, weather, recipes, lifestyle features and prize opportunities. It’s also a great way to fire up another $1,000.00 A Day For Life entry.

#5 Get to know us at the PCH Fan Page on Facebook!

At the PCH Fan Page on Facebook, you’ll get the chance hear real-live PCH Winners tell their stories, check out cool photos and posts — AND fire up ANOTHER $1,000.00 A Day For Life entry.

Here are links to all the above ways to enter:, PCHSearch&Win, PCHlotto, PCHfrontpage, and thePCH Fan Page on Facebook – and don’t forget to respond to the PCH Bulletins we’ve put in the mail for so many years.

We’ll be taking a special early look to see if the winning number for October 25th’s $1,000.00 A Day For Life Prize Event is returned on time. If it’s not, we’ll award big $1,000,000.00 prize instead — so someone will definitely become a newly-minted PCH Millionaire in just a few weeks.

Now that you know about all the cool, easy ways to enter to WIN at PCH, there are NO EXCUSES: enter now, tomorrow and every day.

Marybeth@Publishers Clearing House

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