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Get into the fastest game in town: Minute Mania MAHJONGG MINUTE 3D

Do you like playing all the fun, challenging, lightning-quick amusements here at PCHgames? Then you just can’t miss what might be the fastest game of all: Minute Mania MAHJONGG MINUTE 3D, where you race against the clock to match tiles while racking up 10X the tokens — to “cash in” at our PCHRewards Token Exchange.

Got what it takes to “Conquer the Cube”? It looks like THIS:

The basic strategy of Minute Mania MAHJONGG MINUTE 3D is to match two tiles at a time and remove them from the cube. If there are no available matches, use the SHUFFLE button or rotate “The Cube” with your arrow keys. Remember, every second counts, so make sure you watch the clock while matching tiles and scoring LOTS of tokens before your 60-second game of MAHJONGG MINUTE 3D is up!

Practice makes perfect, so come play Minute Mania MAHJONGG MINUTE 3D every day!

Be persistent and keep on playing! Once you sharpen up your MAHJONGG MINUTE 3D skills, you can increase your score. You’ll get MULTIPLIERS for matching tiles quickly — and score BONUS POINTS for every cube you break!

So, take a break, hunker down and do your level best to conquer the mighty MAHJONGG MINUTE 3D Cube — at what might be the fastest, most challenging game ever at PCHgames. You’ll rack up golden PCH Tokens like crazy, which you can redeem for chances to win a dazzling gallery of cash and prizes at the PCHrewards Token Exchange.

Game ON — and I know you’ll love it!

Your devoted PCH Blog Lady,

Marybeth H.
PCH Creative

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