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Win $10,000.00 for Cruise Travel: What Cruise Would You Want to Take?

Greetings, fans and friends … and AHOY!

Would you like to win $10,000 for cruise travel? Does a cruise vacation sound like something you’d like to embark upon? What kind of cruise would you take if you won ten grand?

To be honest, my PCH Blog editor Amanda picked me to write this blog because I’m kind of an expert on cruising. I’ve been on 36 cruises thus far – to the Caribbean, Alaska, the Mediterranean as well as across the Atlantic. In fact, the license plate frame on my car says “My other car is a cruise ship.”

So, if you want to know about cruising and cruise ships, listen up:

• Cruises are, in my opinion, the best way to see the world. You board the ship, you unpack once and then you travel from port to port. Sometimes you might have one or more days at sea between ports, so you can kick back and relax. On port days, you get off the ship and explore the sights. Or, if you prefer, you can stay onboard and practically have the ship to yourself while the other passengers go ashore. If you win $10,000 for a cruise vacation, you could relax on a beach in Bermuda or view the glaciers in Alaska or wander through the Coliseum in Rome … the choice is yours!

Here I am, taking my favorite kind of vacation!

• Cruises are a great value! When you go on a cruise, the price of your trip includes your cabin, your meals (yes, many ships have extra-fee restaurants but you don’t have to use them), and your entertainment. There’s something to eat pretty much around the clock on a ship, and the free entertainment ranges from Broadway-style shows to comedy and magic acts to guest musicians. Plus, you’ve got your daily trivia, sports activities, pools and hot tubs, the disco …
If you win $10,000 toward a cruise, you won’t run out of things to do!

Many ships still have formal night. Here’s me with my husband, all dressed up!

• There are all kinds of ships you could choose from. There are ships that accommodate 5,000 passengers and ships that only hold 500. There are cruises for families and cruises for adults only. You can take a theme cruise: my coworker here in the Creative Department goes on a yearly cruise for fans of the rock group Yes. You could choose a ship with a rock climbing wall, zipline, surfing simulator, ice skating rink, miniature golf, skydiving simulator, or bumper cars (and that’s just the beginning of all the bells and whistles you might find).

This huge ship can hold a maximum of 6,296 passengers!

Gee whiz, all this talk about cruising makes me want to go on another cruise! I hope YOU win $10,000 toward a cruise vacation because you would absolutely love it! All you need to do is enter to win! This giveaway, No. 13767, ends November 15th, so don’t delay! Enter now and maybe “your ship will come in”!

Bon voyage!
Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Where would you go if you won $10,000 toward cruise travel? Comment below.

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