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5 Reasons Why Now Is NOT The Time To Give Up!

The Prize Patrol came knocking and THE BIG CHECK was delivered! But unfortunately … it didn’t happen for you. Awww!

We understand your disappointment, especially when you’ve done everything you can to get your own “winning moment.” You enter every day at You play CONSTANTLY at PCHkeno. You get all of your favorite entertainment info at PCHfrontpage. You’ve done it all – but it still didn’t happen for you this time.

Times like this can be very frustrating. But here are 5 REASONS WHY now is NOT the time to give up:

  1. THERE ARE SO MANY NEW PRIZES TO SHOOT FOR. If you walk away now, you definitely will NOT get in to win any of these prizes! Keep shooting for a BIG WIN with all of these life-changing PCH Sweepstakes . It’s easy, fast, and best of all – FREE!
  2. PERSEVERANCE COULD BE A KEY TO WINNING. Our PCH Winners have a lot to say about the secrets to success and how patience can really pay off.
  3. LET US KNOW YOU WANT TO WIN. How do you do that? By claiming an entry as often as you can! Get in to win the PowerPrize Jackpot at PCHlotto; visit the PCH Fan Page on Facebook; or download the PCH app for your Android to get extra “Win It All” prize entries!
  4. ALWAYS GET IN. NEVER GIVE UP. Just keep at it! Remember, there’s no way you can win if you don’t bother to get in.
  5. YOU’LL HAVE FUN WHILE YOU GO FOR IT: Play games, go for instant win cash prizes or shoot for BIG CASH with scratch cards. Whichever way you choose, just enjoy the ride!

In the meantime … get in to WIN every day, every way, and keep those winning dreams alive. After all – someone has to WIN … so why not you?

As always, good luck!

Maria S.
PCH Creative

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