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FINAL DAYS! Get in to Win a 2020 Ford Explorer at the Token Exchange!

Hey there friends and fans,

Just a few days ago, we awarded a life-changing, millionaire-making SuperPrize, and the Prize Patrol is already ready to hit the road again! That’s right, in just days, they’ll be awarding one lucky winner a brand new 2020 Ford Explorer (valued at $49,615.00)! But since we’re SO CLOSE to awarding this prize, it means you only have until Thursday, October 31st to get in to win!

Who wouldn’t love having a new vehicle, especially one as nice as the Ford Explorer? Back before I lived in Manhattan, I drove a worn out, hand-me-down car, and while I was grateful for not having to pay for it, I encountered repair problems routinely. Costly repairs! But win the new car, and that’s a problem you can put off for a long time!

If you’re a long time PCH fan, you should be happy to hear that you can get into win at the PCHRewards Token Exchange! In case you’re unfamiliar with the Token Exchange, it’s where you can redeem the Tokens you’ve earned from various activities at PCH — like playing at PCHgames or completing cards at PCHlotto — for entries to win great prizes!

Prizes you can get in to win that range from gift cards to electronics and appliances to something as incredible as the 2020 Ford Explorer! What’s super incredible is how few Tokens it takes to enter to win prizes at the Token Exchange! To go for a prize as incredible as the Ford Explorer, it only takes 5,000 Tokens!

If you’re unfamiliar with Tokens at PCH, that may sound like a lot, but some of our top Token collectors — members at the Red Diamond level — have collected over 350,000,000 Tokens since becoming PCH members, so getting the 5,000 required to enter to win is a relatively small step.

With the end of this contest coming soon, though, if you want to get in to win, it is important you go visit the PCHRewards Token Exchange ASAP! While you’re there, be sure to check out some of the other great prizes you can go for. Drawings are held frequently, so who knows, you could be the winner of a new prize sooner than you think!

And remember — your Token status is NEVER affected by your redemptions, so there is no downside to redeeming your Tokens! If you’re a Red Diamond level Token holder, you could go redeem all 350,000,000 of your Tokens at once and not lose your status!

Remember, you only have until Thursday, October 31st to get in to win a 2020 Ford Explorer!

Best of luck and happy redeeming!


Will F.
PCH Creative

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