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Winner Wednesday: Let’s Celebrate National App Day AND PCH Winners!

Fans and friends, happy #WinnerWednesday! And happy National App Day!

Apps! We can’t seem to live without them! These days there’s an app for just about everything! A quick search on PCHSearch&Win led me to a list of the world’s most unusual apps. There’s an app that lets you pop virtual pimples, an app for ghost hunting, one that analyzes a baby’s cry, and there’s even an app that does absolutely nothing! I’m addicted to an app that lets me spot airplanes in the sky and tells me where they came from and where they’re going.

Of course, Publishers Clearing House has its own great apps: the PCH App and the PCHlotto App. And many of our winners have won PCH prizes by playing our fun, free, fabulous games on these apps.

But whether they enter our Sweeps via smartphone, tablet or desktop computer … by returning their entry forms found in those colorful PCH bulletins … or even entering by mailing in a postcard, our fans and friends are thrilled to tell us how happy they are to be PCH winners! How happy, you ask? Let’s hear what 6 winners of smaller PCH prizes have to say:

Sandra M., of Taylor, MN, who won a $20 PCH prize says, “After 7 years playing your sweepstakes I finally won something. Not the big one yet, but I won’t stop trying. I have not missed one day in 7 years for this good news. Thanks, PCH!”

Connie B. of Jena, LA, another $20 winner, tells us she was “surprised. The only other thing I’ve ever won was a fruitcake from a grocery store punch-out game.”

Terri H. of Swanton, OH was “shocked” after winning $50. “I have not known anybody who has won anything from PCH, so I wondered if anybody really ever won.” Well, wonder no longer, Terri, because you are definitely a Publishers Clearing House winner!

Loretta E. of Everett, WA writes, “I thought I would never win nothing. After only a couple of days of playing I won $25.00. I was shocked to win anything! It’s gonna keep me playing.”

Ramon H., a $100 PCH winner from Luquillo, PR says he was “surprised greatly.”

Rhashid P. of Washington, DC wants you all to know that winning is “sweet” and “feels great.” “I won 5 bucks just by doing what I love to do … playing the app.” Hey, I’ll bet Rhashid was very “appy” to win!

No matter how you may enter to win the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes, the most important thing is to stay in it to win it! Happy National App Day and happy entering!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Do you use PCH’s apps? Comment below and tell us about your experiences.

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