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Danielle’s Top 10 Winning Moments With The PCH Prize Patrol In 2019 – Part 2

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for — the final five installments of Danielle’s top winning moments of 2019!

We had a great time going over the first five earlier today, and now it’s time to get to the last batch! What a great winning year!

And just a reminder, these are Danielle’s recollections right after each winning moment!

5 – Jason L. Winning $1 Million Lotto Life Is Rich Prize

When we first knocked on the door, Jason wasn’t home, but luckily the neighbor across the street was able to get him on his cell phone. It turned out, he was only a few minutes away from the house, so we were able to surprise him shortly after. Jason was absolutely shocked …”flabbergasted,” in his own words! He just happened to leave work early and couldn’t believe what he was seeing at his door and said “I never thought I’d really win!” He was so shocked he couldn’t even think of what to use the money for, but he did say he wanted to celebrate and go out with his friends that night. He has so much fun entering the sweepstakes he plans to continue entering!

4 – Kenneth D., a $10,000 Instant Winner

When we arrived at his home he wasn’t there, but his lovely wife was. She let us know that he was working only 20 minutes away in Syracuse. I was super excited when she let us know that he is a Veterinarian! [Editor note – if you don’t know by now, Danielle is a big animal lover!] It didn’t surprise me hearing that, since he had alpacas, donkeys, a cow, geese, dogs and a whole bunch of other animals at his house!

Kenneth was totally shocked when we showed up at the vet with a big check and balloons! He has been entering for 5 years and didn’t think it would actually ever happen to him, but he enjoyed entering so he did it anyway. He said his family and friends would always laugh at him and now look who’s laughing all the way to the bank! He was so shocked he didn’t have anything to say about what he would use the money for, but eventually he said he would pay off some bills.

3 – Cedric L. Winning $1 Million SuperPrize

Wow…one of the best ever!!

His daughter, Amari was home when we arrived … in her robe! What a reaction!!! She called her parents to come home ASAP to “sign for a delivery.” Shortly after, Cedric and his wife Rashida showed up SHOCKED. He was physically shaking … he nearly passed out!

2 – Mike F. Winning the $1 Million Lotto Life Is Rich Prize

Mike’s reaction was fantastic! He was in the Coast Guard for almost 30 years. He said the money came at the right time, as they were looking to sell their house. The first thing he said he wanted to do with the money was to get a new Ford F-150. [Editor’s note – you can watch Matt’s interview with Mike here on YouTube!]

1 – Crystal C. Winning $5,000.00 A Week “Forever”

The Prize Patrol surprised Crystal from Jamaica Queens, NY with $5,000 A Week “Forever!” She wasn’t home when the Prize Patrol knocked on her door, but luckily her older son Jaquawn was. He knew she had entered the sweepstakes for years, but didn’t think it was actually real and was shocked! Jaquawn let us know that she was at work just a few blocks away and kept the big surprise a secret, even joining the Prize Patrol in the PCH van to go surprise his mother. When we showed up at Crystal’s workplace, her reaction was priceless. Tears of joy streamed down her face as she told us that the cash windfall came at the perfect time. She sacrificed so much to help support her mother and 2 sons and is thrilled to have the money for sending her son to college and going on a vacation for her birthday. Even though Crystal won such a huge prize, she still plans on entering the PCH Sweepstakes because she enjoys it and encourages everyone to enter since it’s free and you could win!

As you can tell, Danielle loves her job. Who wouldn’t, when you get to travel the country and make so many people happy?

Here’s to a great close to 2019, and a toast to an even BIGGER and BETTER 2020!

Matt “The Stats Man” for PCH

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