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Danielle’s Top 10 Winning Moments With The PCH Prize Patrol In 2019 – Part 1

The year is almost over, so it’s time to look back and remember all of the great times we’ve had at Publishers Clearing House with the Prize Patrol. There’s no one better at PCH to do one of these recaps than the Prize-woman herself, Danielle!

Danielle and I went through all of her notes through the past year and came up with these recaps of her favorite Prize Patrol moments from this year! I originally just asked her for 5, but there are SO many great moments that we decided to make this a list of 10! We’ll be presenting the first five this morning and then the second half later this afternoon. Here we go!

Each of these are taken directly from Danielle’s notes from the road, just hours after awarding the prize!

10 – Larry W. Winning $10,000.00

We were knocking on his door for a few minutes when all of a sudden, we saw a car pull into the driveway. Larry had been out with his dog buddy and was planning on being out for a few hours when his car started acting up, so he decided to come home. He was absolutely shocked when he saw the prize Patrol at his door. He was so shocked that he nearly fell down the stairs! It was quite a moment. He said he plays the games just because they’re fun and didn’t ever really think he would win, but he’s absolutely thrilled! He’s planning on using the money to do practical things like change the flooring in his house and treat his dog buddy to a nice steak.

9 – Rhonda W. Winning $1,250,000.00

Rhonda just got home from food shopping when we arrived. Rhonda is a wonderful person who just wants to use the money to set up her two children financially. She said she wants to go to Hawaii!

8 – Clifford W. Winning $10,000.00

Clifford told us that he couldn’t believe what they were seeing when they looked out the door! Clifford had been entering for over 30 years and was so excited to finally get a big check from the Prize Patrol. He was so shocked he couldn’t think at first what to use the money for, but eventually said he would take a vacation to the Midwest to see his family and then pay bills.

7 – Deborah C. Winning $25,000.00

I couldn’t believe how excited Deborah was! She was visibly shaking almost the entire time. Deborah said she enters the sweepstakes every day and it helps her de-stress. She said she wants to treat her family, pay some bills and then go on a weekend vacation with her husband. It has been over 20 years since they’ve had a vacation!

6 – George S. Winning $1 Million SuperPrize

When we surprised George, he was SHOCKED! He nearly passed out, holding onto the door to stay stable. He was sleeping when we arrived but our aggressive doorbell ringing woke him up … haha! He was so shocked he couldn’t think of what he would use the money for, but eventually said a family vacation and to help his 2 daughters. He has a new 7-month-old grandson to spoil, too. He couldn’t stop saying that “it’s real” and urged everybody to enter.

These are great, right? I especially love reading about George, so I interviewed him right here on the blog! Danielle and I had fun putting all of these together, and the fun is just getting started! And don’t you want to know what #1 will be? Be sure to come back here today around 1pm for the rest of Danielle’s Top 10 winning moments of 2019!

Matt “The Stats Man” for PCH

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