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How Many Tokens Have You Scored Today?

So Many Reasons to Collect All You Can!

Are you giving yourself the best/most opportunities to maximize your daily token count? PCH tokens could open the door to a world of riches, so it makes sense to bank as many as possible every day.

PCH tokens are like a reward when there isn’t a cash win. And that reward really could pay off down the line when you redeem tokens for entries at the PCHrewards Token Exchange. For many, banking tokens is part of their daily routine, and these tips can help you make the most of the token-scoring opportunities that PCH offers every day.

Score Tokens on Your Computer and Mobile Device

Welcome Tokens – Level Up & VIP

Any discussion about scoring tokens has to start with your PCHrewards loyalty level/PCH VIP status. Why? Your level and VIP status determine how many “welcome” tokens you can bank each day. For example, the daily reward for a player who is “Sapphire” level is 10,000 tokens, whereas a “Red Diamond”/VIP Elite fan will receive 50,000 “welcome” tokens. With that in mind, here’s some advice – play every day! Not only will you level up sooner, but you’ll also earn VIP and, later, VIP Elite status.

PCH Apps

The PCH family of apps for iPhone, and Android presents even more ways to tally a ton of tokens. Along with daily “welcome” tokens, the apps offer 10X tokens on every contest entered and game played. All of the apps are free to download and play, and just think of the convenience! Standing in line at the DMV? Fire up the PCHlotto app! Waiting at the doctor’s office? Try exploring the new “world” with the new PCH World app!

Bonus Tokens

Bonus tokens – like those at PCH Instant Win games, PCH Scratch Offs, and more – can help build your token balance in a hurry.

Play Your Way Toward Bonus Games!

And be sure to keep an eye out for other bonus token opportunities, such as:
• 50,000- or 100,000-token rewards for consecutive daily visits
• 10X token payouts, 10,000 tokens for completing your first game every day, and more at PCHgames
• Up to 25,000 tokens per day for searching daily with PCHsearch&win

Be On the Lookout for Bonuses at PCHgames!

Russell S.
PCH Creative

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