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Behind the Scenes on Award Day: Who Will Win Today’s $100,000 PCH Prize?

Greetings, fans and friends,

It’s seems like we’re always giving away those big prizes – the ones with lots of zeroes in them. As you’re probably aware, at the end of February, we’re giving away a guaranteed prize of $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” — $5,000.00 every week for the winner’s life and, after that, $5,000.00 a week for the life of someone the winner chooses.

Just as exciting as our February SuperPrize is the huge one we’re awarding today — $100,00.00 (Giveaway No. 12629)! Hey, this is no small change – who couldn’t use an extra $100,000.00?

That huge sum of money will be delivered by none other than the world-famous Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol! And right now, the PCH Prize Patrol is on the road, ready to award $100,000.00 to someone very lucky … perhaps YOU? They’ve got the champagne, the balloons, the roses, and of course, the “Big Check.” What’s missing? A winner, of course!

And while we’re all waiting in excitement for our newest winner to be announced, here are some intriguing video clues as to where the Prize Patrol is going:

Follow the Clues!

Here’s our latest winner!

Congratulations to Marybeth Jubert of Minneapolis, MN our newest PCH winner of $100,000.00. Howie and Danielle showed up with a snowy surprise for a shocked Marybeth, her husband, and her dog. She is going to use the money to pay “bills, bills, bills,” and go on a dream trip to Ireland. Congratulations and enjoy your trip, Marybeth!

Hey, if you’re not today’s big winner, I still have GREAT news for you – the winning never stops at Publishers Clearing House! There are always exciting ways for you to enter our free, fun and fantastic sweepstakes each and every day!

Stay in it to win it!
Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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    1. Hello Don, please report all contacts from scammers to PCH via this link: PCH does partner with the Federal Trade Commission and we send all scam reports to them so please make sure you let us know anytime a scammer contacts you. Remember, the real PCH never notifies major prize winners via phone, standard mail, email, or social media, and we never ask winners to pay to claim their prize. You can see more Safety Tips here: Please be careful everyone; don’t become a scammer’s victim.