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January’s Token Exchange Winners Hit It Big

Want to Win Big? Don’t Be Me!

As I’ve oft stated, I’m ineligible to enter or win any PCH giveaways. So I’d like to believe there’s an alternate universe in which exists a Russell who is free to enter PCH giveaways – especially those at the PCHrewards Token Exchange. Alternate-world Russell (let’s just call him Alt-Russ) enters daily, plays some PCHgames, and checks out the latest giveaways at the Token Exchange.

You see, the Token Exchange is like a giant toy store to Alt-Russ. He scrolls through the contests uttering things like “Ooh, I really want that new Ford Edge ST” and “Only 1,500 tokens per entry for a $500 Dyson vacuum?” Alt-Russ is motivated to win, so he redeems tokens and secures his entries, then eagerly anticipates and a winning announcement and the hope that his name will appear on the newest Token Exchange Winners list.

Alas, the story of Alt-Russ ends here and switches to those real PCH fans and friends who found the giveaways at the Token Exchange too compelling to ignore. They redeemed tokens, won, and have earned a place on the famed and fabled Token Exchange Winners list.

Please join me in congratulating the winners for January 2020!

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You could be next to join the long list of PCH Token Exchange Winners! All you need to do is find something you like (say, cash?!?!?) at the Token Exchange and redeem your tokens for entries! Real people win every day. So why not you?!?!?

Russell S.
PCH Creative

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