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Happy Valentine’s Day, PCH Fans

We love our fans so very much,
We think you’re mighty fine
And so, on this, the “day of love,”
We send this Valentine!

You’ve been persistent, yes, indeed,
In entering to win,
Whether through our sites or on our apps
Or a mailed Bulletin

You’ve played our slots and lotto games,
You’ve earned and redeemed tokens
You’ve learned that people really win,
That PCH ain’t jokin’!

You’ve added comments to these blogs
About your dedication
“I want to win!” we hear you say,
Which gives us inspiration!

And so, we send this Valentine
To you … and you … and you …
From your good friends at PCH,
The House Where Dreams Come True!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Give a shout-out to your Valentine in the comments below!

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