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#WinnerWednesday: Have You Told Your Best Friends About the PCH Sweeps?

Greetings, fans and friends! And happy #WinnerWednesday!

Of course, I searched on PCHSearch&Win and discovered that today is not only February 19, it’s also “Best Friends Day.”

Best friends are like gold! A best friend is someone you can confide in, laugh with, cry with and dream with. A best friend is someone you can share secrets with, someone who will love you as you are!

My best friend was my mom, who passed away in December 2018. She was a one-of-a-kind special lady and encompassed all the qualities of a great mother and a great friend.

I know that many of you consider Publishers Clearing House as a good friend. You’ve told us that PCH is like a constant positive presence in your lives and we really appreciate that.

So, why not spread the good vibes around? Have you told your friends about Publishers Clearing House? Do they know about PCH’s exciting sweepstakes and fun, free games?

I’ll bet our PCH prize winners have spread the word about the wonderful winning opportunities PCH has to offer and have told their friends that “you’ve got to be in it to win it.” In fact, here are some real winners of smaller PCH prizes who’ve told their friends about their good fortune:

Karen D. of West Liberty, KY, a $20 PCH winner, writes, “I was so happy [to win] that I made a screen shot to post on Facebook and sent private messages to friends to get them to play.”

Dianna B. of Longwood, FL, says, “I tell my friends that I have one $10 prize and now, a $20 gift card. People do win. I keep telling them that I am going to win the jackpot. It’s just a matter of time.”

Felix R. of The Bronx, NY, who won $100 from Publishers Clearing House, writes, “I’ve been telling my friends to register because they could be a winner!”

Sam M. of Arlington, WA, wants you all to know that “PCH really has ‘winner, winner chicken dinners’ and I’ll be telling my friends that I really did win $100.”

Many of our smaller prize winners write that they plan to share their prize money with friends:

Alex F. of Fort Collins, CO, says that after using his $100 PCH prize toward paying his phone bill, “the rest is going toward taking my friends out to a local restaurant.”

“I plan to spend it on family and friends,” said Amizo T. of Burlington, NJ, a $20 winner.

Bruce M. of Las Vegas, NV says, “Winning a $500 prize is going to make the summer vacation a ton better. Living on a fixed income makes it hard to save up for a vacation. This will make it possible for me to really enjoy a nice time with friends.”

So, fans and friends …

Do you consider PCH a friend?

Have you told your friends about PCH?

And if you won the PCH Sweeps, would you share your prize with a friend?

We consider all our PCH Blog readers our special friends! Thank you for keeping up with all the great news and important information we report and all the fun stories we love to share with you.

Happy Best Friends Day and Happy Entering the PCH Sweeps!

Best of luck!
Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Who’s your best friend? Tell us in the comments below! (You might even wish to share this blog with your best friend so they can see their name in the comments and maybe learn a thing or two about the PCH Sweeps!)

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