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Traveling around the country and awarding CASH PRIZES is probably one of the best jobs in the world. In some cases, it’s like being a superhero – the PCH Prize Patrol to the rescue. I chatted with Danielle of the PCH Prize Patrol recently, and she shared some exciting and meaningful stories from the road. So, here are the top five things Danielle is looking forward to most about meeting the next PCH Winner!

Danielle is looking forward to:

Finding out what state the winner lives in. Danielle says that it’s always exciting to find out where she’s going next, what the weather conditions will be, and wondering if it’s somewhere she’s never been before.

Seeing if the winner is home when she arrives. I’m sure you’ve seen lots of winning moments ( where Danielle and the Prize Patrol had to chase down the winner. Sometimes they’re at work, sometimes at church, and there have even been times when the winner was out of state, and she and the rest of the PCH PP had to track them down!

Seeing how the PCH winner reacts. You guys have probably seen tons of winning moments. Some people scream, some cry, jump up and down, and some stand motionless in shock – especially when they win a “Forever” prize. Danielle also mentioned that she loves when other family members are home to share in the life-changing moment!

Finding out if media will be there airing the winning moment on the news. It’s always so dramatic when the PCH Prize Patrol pulls up to someone’s house. But when the media is there, it’s even more exciting. It adds another level of WOW to the PCH winner’s reaction.

Learning how long the winner has been entering PCH sweepstakes. Some say they’ve been at it for years and years, while others have admitted that they’ve only been at it a few months! Talk about lucky. Either way, it’s great to see that entering PCH sweepstakes paid off for them – and it could pay off for you too – so make sure to enter every day!

All the members of the PCH Prize Patrol love what they do for so many reasons. You can imagine how spiritually rewarding it must be. In some cases, they’re literally saving people from years and years of built-up debt. A “Forever” prize win could give them a new lease on life, and I think we can all appreciate how amazing that would be.

There you have it. The top five things Danielle is looking forward to most about meeting the next PCH Winner! Keep up the good work, everyone. Keep entering PCH sweepstakes, keep the faith and just have fun! You never know – Danielle could be at YOUR DOORSTEP next!

Tina P.
PCH Online Creative

P.S. We are only one week away from finding our next SuperPrize winner! $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” is GUARANTEED TO BE AWARDED, which means weekly payments of $5,000.00 for the lifetime of a winner, and then after that, weekly lifetime payments of $5,000.00 to a chosen beneficiary! Entry deadline is 2/25 11:59 PM, ET, and the award date is 2/28 – so make sure you’re in to win!

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  1. I claim ownership to Win $2,00,000. For dream ever plus Score 150,00 Tokens Awarding cash prizes Feb.21,2020 #$5k A Week “Forever’ weekly payment $5,00 lifetime.

  2. Thanks for all your sharing about PCH winning! I’m looking forward to meeting with you and receiving your great gifts! Hopefully to see you soon!

  3. Here recently I played almost every day for the last 5 Years almost every day it’s nerve-racking but I hope it pays off, good luck everyone!

  4. Hope I get to be named the Winner, it would be raining, blessing on me and my fur babies, and the children hospital because I just want to get a place with a pool a car or truck pay my license off because, I was wearing a seat belt. Ha Ha and I’m in it to win it!

  5. I started pins on PCH, along with beta testing PCH apps, which are fun to play, but the beginning of 2016 my phone had been stolen and now I’m in the 7th yr of still not recovering my account/accounts, but I can play PCH Lotto in my Gmail. I believe something is wrong but, never know, but everyone keep playing, I am for a cure for life! St Jude’s children and families need that support. Thanks Danielle and prize patrol for every blessing you deliver, God bless!