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What Hometown Will Our Next “Forever” Prize Winner Be From?

As all of you fans know, our growing list of lucky winners hail from all parts of the country.
From sea to shining sea, from the mountains to the prairies, through deserts, across rivers and lakes – you name it, we’ve crossed every kind of terrain to deliver prizes – and through all kinds of weather, too!

We’re about to embark on a very important prize delivery in just two short days from now. On Friday, February 28th, we’ll be making someone a “Forever” Prize Winner. That’s $5,000.00 A Week for the lifetime of the winner and after that, $5,000.00 A Week for the lifetime of a beneficiary the winner chooses.

Wow! How exciting is that? The Prize Patrol is busy preparing – packing their bags and getting that BIG check ready for delivery to the lucky winner. Will they be traveling by van the whole way? Or will they be flying and stashing that BIG check in an overhead bin for safekeeping?

What Hometown Will It Be?

No matter where you call home, it could be where the Prize Patrol is headed next to deliver the “Forever” Prize. After all, every entry has an equal chance of winning. Let us know in the comments if you’d like the Prize Patrol to come to YOUR hometown next to make someone a lifetime winner!

The Prize Patrol Loves To Take In The Local Sights!

Would there be any famous sights to see once we got to your hometown to deliver the “Forever” Prize? Are there any historical places of interest? Prize Patrol Elite member Howie loves to explore whatever town he’s in, and he loves being outdoors. He’s quite the photographer, too. He loves tracking down beautiful old homes to photograph when he’s traveling. Does your hometown have any that he could capture with his camera?

And They Love To Meet The Locals!

Of course, the Prize Patrol would be visiting your local florist if you won to pick up that bouquet of roses. Prize Patrol Elite member Danielle loves to chat with the florists while picking out the bouquet and balloons. In fact, one of her favorite things to do is meet people from all over the country. And Dave of the Prize Patrol treasures all of those winning moments he’s shared for years making dreams come true for real, warm, and grateful folks around the country. Tell us, can the Prize Patrol expect to meet the friendliest people ever if they travel to your hometown?

Of Course They’ll Need To Eat Somewhere!

If they show up at your door, what restaurants in your hometown would you suggest to the Prize Patrol? Did you know that Danielle always gets deviled eggs, cheese curds or fried pickles to munch on (whenever available) while out and about with the Prize Patrol? And Howie loves a good cheeseburger. Prize Patrol Elite member Todd says his favorite food is pizza. Where would you take the Prize Patrol for a celebratory meal in your hometown as our next BIG winner?

We LOVE when fans like you comment on our blogs. And we DO take the time to read what you have to say. So, tell us, what hometown will our next “Forever” Prize Winner Be From?

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PCH Creative

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