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#Winner Wednesday: What Do Transit Drivers and PCH Sweepstakes Have in Common?

Greetings, Fans and Friends,

And Happy #Winner Wednesday, the day we celebrate PCH’s smaller prize winners!

As you may know from reading these #WinnerWednesday blogs, I like to go to PCHSearch&Win and find out what type of unusual holiday or observance to write about. And today, March 18, is Transit Driver Appreciation Day!

Bus drivers and train operators don’t have it easy – between trying to get passengers to “get there” on time, dealing with complaints and maybe even a few crazies, and doing their best even in the worst traffic and weather conditions, there’s more than enough stress! Plus, in these tough times, with “social distance” and sanitation concerns, transit drivers are feeling especially stressed out! And that’s even more reason we should express thanks to these drivers.

Transit drivers and PCH Sweepstakes have one important feature in common: they both help you to get where you want to be. Whether that “destination” is financial freedom, a new car, a relaxing vacation, or even a few dollars to buy groceries, PCH can help make dreams come true.

Here are just a few of our smaller prize winners who “climbed aboard” the PCH Sweepstakes ride and found themselves in a happy place:

Noreen S., of Leesburg, VA, a $100 PCH winner, comments, “I’m so excited. I knew it was only a matter of time. I’m persistent on my way to the big one. I enter every chance I get. Thank you for all the fun I have playing the games. I’m imagining what it would be like to open the door and find the Prize Patrol standing there. Yeah!!!”

Linda F., of Teague, TX, a $100 winner, writes, “I am so happy that I won $100.00. I can really use it. Thank you so much!”

Laura K., of Menifee, CA, who won a $100 PCH prize, tells us, “I’m happy. I am disabled and it is always helpful to have a little extra money.”

Peggy M., of Bryan, OH, writes, “I play PCH every day. I have never won before, so I was happy when I won $50.00. Thanks, PCH.”

John S., of Dallas, TX, won $20 from Publishers Clearing House and writes, “I feel great and am looking forward to winning the big one. I’ve been trying for over ten years and I won’t give up. When I win I will always keep playing because I love to do this. I am 71 years old and need the money and fun.”

Lastly, Debra W., of West Columbia, SC, won $5 from PCH and says (in all caps) that she’s “EXCITED, HAPPY AND WAITING ON MY NEXT BIGGER WIN.”

Fans and friends, it’s time to “ride that bus” to bling … “catch that train” to treasure … “get on that light rail” to loot. Because entering the PCH Sweeps could mean a sweet trip down the road to riches! Stand clear of the closing doors … next stop: WINNING!

Good luck.
Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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  1. I’m claiming all prizes, I pray that I will be your next big winner to win the $15 million and the 18 million and $7,000 a week for life. I pray that you will show up at my door. I’m in it to win it all the way PCH!

    1. Hello Nathanie, make sure you complete the entry process to claim your entries into our giveaways as commenting on the blog alone will not secure your entry. To see all of the ways you can enter each day, click here: Good luck to you and all who enter!!