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Reminder: This Is A Special Early Look Prize Event

As we gear up for spring we’re all looking forward to enjoying a little more sunshine and the warmer weather headed our way. And here at PCH headquarters we’re looking forward to awarding our next big SuperPrize on April 30th with our $7,000.00 A Week For Life Special Early Look Prize Event.

That sure is a big number, and the best part is that it means a lifetime of winning. The winner will get weekly checks for $7,000.00 every week for life! That’s $364,000.00 coming in a year!

What Do We Mean By A Special Early Look?

Some of you may be familiar with this term from seeing it in some of the packages you receive or in some of our emails. We’ve been telling you to enter Giveaway 16000 as often as you can, and however you can, whether it’s on our websites, through the mail or even over the phone. You see, we’d love to give $7,000.00 A Week For Life away to a lucky winner, and that’s what we’re ready to do. But we can’t award that amount unless a matching winning number is returned by the deadline.

Let me explain. Every entry you send in has a prize number associated with it. And one of those prize numbers could become the winner when we take a “Special Early Look” or “Sneak Peek” to see if the matching winning number has been returned. How is that done? Soon before the award date, on “drawing day”, a winning number is randomly selected from the Winning Number Generator here at PCH headquarters. Then our Sweepstakes Administration department takes a look to see if there’s a match to the Winning Number from among all of the timely returned entries and their associated prize numbers. If there is, that lucky entrant wins the top prize for the event … in this case it would be $7,000.00 A Week For Life!

What If We Don’t Find A Match?

The sad fact is, that we issue entry opportunities every day that go unclaimed. Sadder still, some people miss out on winning millions of dollars because they never returned what might have been the Matching Winning Number! We hate to see that happen … but it does. No worries, we have a contingency plan in place! We make sure we have a winner, no matter what. In this case, the primary prize amount is not awarded, as stated in the Official Rules. Instead, we hold a second chance random drawing from among all of the eligible entries. That’s right, everyone who enters still has a chance to win a HUGE $1 Million prize on April 30th — GUARANTEED!

That’s Why Every Entry Matters!

The Matching Winning Number could be issued at any time. And that’s why we tell you to keep entering to win $7,000.00 A Week For Life. Because you never know when it could happen for you – that knock on the door from the Prize Patrol with a PCH Big Check. PCH makes sure we give away a Millionaire-making prize. That’s why we can say with absolute certainty that our newest PCH Millionaire will be named in just a matter of weeks!

Will you be ready to win? Remember, you’ve got to be in it to win it!

Best of luck,
Jane M.
PCH Creative

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  1. I proclaim sole ownership and secure ownership and lock it in of prize numbers 17010 and MegaPrize and life is rich 18523 18524 and keno 21000 19990 and power prize number 14299 14300 14298 20277 and 8 7.500 gwy19500 1842 4804 0918. And I have a proof of award on back is n73 notice of designation imminent award and confirmed by office of the controller and on the page 1842 4804 0918 and 75 61581805 gwy lifetime prize gwy 19500 and I have a golden processing sticker c203b from May oh God I’m so ready to win I proclaim sole ownership and secure ownership and lock all them numbers and I’m in it to.

  2. I claim sole ownership and secure ownership and lock it in of numbers 1842 4804 0918 gwy 19500 11783 and 75 61581805 22-np/pb733 and the proof of award lifetime event gwy 19500 on back it has n73 and notice of designation imminent award confirmed office of the controller MC this one is from August and the number on it is 6530 5981 1515 gwy 19000 5,000 a week for life and it has tripled from 2021 and I have one it messed up 5,000 for life 3 check together 1 August 31 and 2 is for September 7th 2021 gwy 19000 C.

  3. I would love ❤️ to win enough money to bring my head above the water Doctors, repairs, bills. I replaced parcel roof now the hole side wall is rotten and full black mold in the bed room yes I’m ? praying ? hard not to have more money than most just a calmness please ? let it be my number I’m overdue for a break.

  4. Randall S$$$$$ Claim Free Entry for the Gwy #21000 Super Prize of $10,000 A Week For Life, week after week for life, ? on the Early Look Prize Event on August 31st, 2023.

  5. I’m in it to win it, I’m ready, this one is 22-pb824mo 7000 a week for life and this one is 7000 a week and advance of 364,000,00w-15 np 7000 04-23 atn number on top is x7083b and it a letter this one is 7000 a week for life X7071 and this letter has on it c2091a l737b -7370444562 and I have a golden processing sticker 203b and a activation code sp241 on it has 5000 gwy20649 cash awarded immediately or 25.000.00 gwy20027 and said 23-700_____15783 on front of it 23-h700 side l427f1r4-0055617b I have more activation code sp239 it has 23 700___15783 notice of cash gwy 20649 or 25.000.00 gwy20027 outside of the activation on the side is 427f1r40055619b I also have one and it’s has on it pc228 on one side is go144 under it has gwy19542 notice no wk-714 and this one is a notice of a huge cash prize activation code sp248 on side it has 23___h702 and under it has 15801 on the outside of it has l431-f1r4-0648097a gwy20998 5000or 25.000.00 gwy20027 this activation code from gwy 16000number and it’s sp562 then I got fc228 and I got a 7.500 a week for gwy19500 on the bottom it has 22-np/pb733 gwy19500 it has 11763 and 1842 4804 0918 and 75 6158 1805 on the then I got a official letter Dp0092a 15000,00 a week for life and number up top has a lot of numbers 03pch2064 and 2568-22745 and 01-0574-1h9v and 01-0731-1g7j and it has 307257993866 0 and I’m just going put in and there a number I’d number 02 80-73 021 8 3 l613f1r40331742b and I have one more number 082mo T5648 one tb646 and I’d number 02929155139 I have another one 605 849339515 gwy 19500 on 11/15/22 1,000 000,000 million dollar plus 5,000 a week for life. This one is 5,000 a week for life gwy number 16000 and number 680569033416 6/30 This one 5,000 a week forever c2020b this one is 5,000 a week forever gwy16000 double 10,000,00 and number on the side of the letter is l739f1r40287514b this one is 15000,00 a week for life gwy19000 t5736 pch 21-np311 and that 5,000 triped.